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I'm doing my annual canning weekend. Has anyone seen good deals on bushels of plum or roma tomatoes in downtown Toronto?

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  1. There are almost none about. Longos had $15 bushels this morning but they had gone by 10 o'clock. Colangelos had San Marzano. but they've disappeared. If I were you I would phone round rather then trek. This is the voice of two weeks of abortive experience.

    1. I'm on the hunt too. San Marzano would be great. I don't like the round ones. I would even be willing to go to Kitchener and make a day trip out of it.

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        I'm told it was a poor growing season and that they may finish early. Highland farms had Roma's for 15/bushel two weeks ago, and now they are 20.

      2. St. Lawrence Market should have some. That's where I've had luck in the past.

        1. Try Joe's Garden Centre on Davenport just west of Symington. I live in the area and saw yesterday that they still had lots. Also lots of peppers, fava beans, wine grapes, etc.

          1. Got two bushels of San Marzano from Longos yesterday morning - $15. Colangelo had some more at $22. All Longo's were gone by 11 o'clock.

            1. Lady York, 2939 Dufferin Street (1 block North of Glencairn) - (416) 781-8585

              1. Bumpign thread...anyone still seeing bushels around town? I might buy some more.

                FYI, if anyone has a lot of tomatoes getting past their prime, turn them into ketchup. I made some this weekend. Tastes great and uses lot of tomatoes.

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                  Picked two bushels up from Sunrise (Danforth Road and Birchmount) on Sunday at $13.

                  Colangelos had three types starting at (I think) $17.

                  Get them quick though. If the temperature drops below some number I have forgotten they will not ripen.

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                    Where is Colangelos? Google has failed me.

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                      I hope I've got the name right. It is on Midland, East side. North of the 401. Let's see if I can get a map of it.


                      Its a low-rise little supermarket. It is directly opposite a huge document storage place called Iron Fortress or something vaguely like that. It's very much an Italian place.

                2. Highland Farms has the box at$20. Pricey, as they were $15 last year.

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                    Anyone know of any places in the downtown core that might still have them? I checked with Fiesta Farms and Highland Farms in Mississauga, but nada.

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                      Fiesta Farms Garden Centre has lots.

                      Fiesta Farms
                      200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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                          They were $20 but have sold out.

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                            Highland Farms on Bennett Rd. had bushel boxes from Norfolk County, at $13 today.
                            They looked good,and less expensive than last year.

                            Highland Farms
                            850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

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                            Colangelos had $17 bushels of Roma and $20 for San Marzano. (At least i think they were San Marzano)

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                              Joe's Garden Centre at Symington and Davenport has lots, Roma and San Marzano. Picked up a bushel for $16 (plus a $1 deposit for the actual bushel). Only 3 or 4 duds in the whole lot.

                        2. WIthout trying to threadjack with this post, I'm curious to hear if anyone has seen bushels (or 1/4, 1/2) of various heirloom varieties for sale?

                          I'm looking to secure a large number for a self-catered event in the near future.

                          Thanks so much!

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                            I haven't seen bushels of tomatoes but if anyone is insterested in picking their own, Cooper's farm has some available. I haven't been this summer but last year they had romas, heirloom and the round ones. I would phone to confirm since it is a bit of a hike from downtown (Zephyr) and I'm not sure of the price.


                            As a disclaimer, I am a CSA member!

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                              Too funny. We are located in Whitby and get our CSA from Zephyr :-)

                              Thanks for the info!

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                              Try the East Lynn Farmer's Market on Thursdays from 3-7. Lots of strange varieties of heirloom.