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Sep 16, 2009 08:50 AM

What recipes do you make with San Marzano tomatoes?

I mainly make the usual recipes..nothing crazy, simple tomato sauce, amatricana sauce. Just wondering what else I can do with these GREAT tomatoes?? Thanks

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  1. I use them in meatloaf, in an ovenbaked ratatouille with shallots, squash, i use the whole ones and just slice them thin.

    The whole ones actually hold up to being stuffed with cheese or meats. Great alternative to stuffed peppers.

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    1. They make good tomato soup.

      1. I roasted a sheet pan full of them, halved and drizzled with oil, for a few hours at 250 degrees. The idea was to then freeze them, but they were so delicious that my family and I basically stood there picking them off the pan with our fingers until they were gone. Now that farmer's crop is all done (sob), but it was a fine afternoon...

        1. Puttanesca.

          Go for a simple quick pan sauce.

          Never for Italian American gravy unless you're rich. (I can't tell the difference between them and american tomatoes in a long simmered sauce)

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          1. re: rockhopper

            funny rockhopper!! You are right, I never use them in the "Sunday gravy"! :) I wish I was rich, though!!

          2. Napoletana (-ish) pizzas.

            Anyone have any suggestions what to do with the leftover juice they're packed in?