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Sep 16, 2009 08:42 AM

Any suggestions for very special 60th ANIV? (HOU)


I've been doing my head in on this one and thought of you guys. My boyfriend's parents have come across from England for the month. Last week we celebrated Mum's 80th Bday at Pappas Steakhouse, which was nice as they put us in the smallish wine room where it's quieter.
Now next week we my boyfriend and I will be celebrating their 60th Aniv.
To tell you a little about them they are NOT FOODIES TO SAY THE LEAST, however they always enjoy a straight forward steak as they say. They also LOVE MUSIC but old school music.

Back when they were here for the month of May we took them to New Orleans to this fantastic place
called THE PALM COURT where it's like stepping back in time with the music. It's owned by British recorder and his wife, the food was perfect for them and really not too bad, however nothing like great New Orleans fare. To tell ya the truth I lived there for years and never heard of it but I most say there were many locals there to hear the music, it truly is a gem. THEY LOVED IT!

I know I can duplicate that but is there somewhere here in Houston where they would be able to have dinner and music such as the sort. Believe it or not they still are able to get in a dance or two and would be very special if they were able to do so on their special night.

Please if any of you have any ideas feel free and as I'm at a lost here in Houston. They are also not going to be wearing anything formal just pretty.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have to offer.

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  1. How about Sullivan's on Westheimer ? They have music in the bar every night I think.

    1. There is a dinner and dance cruise out of Kemah. You would have to google that. There is also this Italian restaurant on Ella, Cavatore, that has a pianist who takes requests and plays Sinatra type music. No dancing room though.


      1. What about Post Oak Grill? I hear this has really nice food as well as music? Would this be along the lines of what I'm seeking? Can anyone recommend hotel that would offer dinner and dance that would be nice setting as I know in New Orleans there are several places such, again just not familiar with Houston scene. Thanks ever so much for the recs.

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          I've lived here my whole life and can't find a place with a nice dinner and room to dance. My suggestion for a special dinner plus music (piano, no dancing) would be Bistro Vino, but I see they've gotten a mix of good and bad reviews, so you might love it or hate it....I would try it if you're going on an off night but not a busy night just to be safe. Also Michaelangelo's has a piano some nights, you should call and check. I love love love their menu and the prices are actually pretty good, the waiters are always attentive, and it's a nice setting. Also think La Colombe D'Or, which is a hotel as well. When I went there was no music, but it was the nicest restaurant and the best food I've had so far. You can call and see if they have music on sat/sunday. I generally go on an off night so I can actually hear my friends over dinner (everywhere is loud on Friday and Saturday) Another Houston favorite is Tony's, also Damians. I know the Italian places better than the creole ones. At any rate, I can tell you this: if your parents-in-law want to have a special meal and dance, you're probably going to have to make two stops. You should check out the Omni hotel, they have a spot downstairs called the Black Swan where you can go dancing. I don't think it's a restaurant as well, but I know they have "nights" -- jazz night, swing night. I will keep an eye on this blog because I love to eat and to dance, so if anyone out there has a spot to have both a nice meal and a dance, I am soooo going. Post where you go and how it turned out so I can try too!