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Best BBQ in NoVA or DC to cater for Birthday

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I'm throwing a 30th Birthday Party for my fiance and need a great (and well-priced) BBQ recommendation in NoVA or DC area. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

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  1. Williards. The burnt ends and brisket especially. Pulled pork is good but leaves some to be desired.


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      I'll second that. We've used Willard's for a birthday party before. I'm a big fan of the burnt ends and brisket too.

    2. Assuming they will cater in NoVa, KBQ is a winner.


      1. Three Pigs in McLean or Dave's in Oakton shopping center (awesome rib tips).

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          three pigs? granted, it has been years since i went there, but it was so so-so that i never ventured back -- even when i was craving Q.