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Sep 16, 2009 08:22 AM

Most Decadent Dishes in Toronto?

just wondering... what are the most decadent dishes in Toronto? or perhaps dishes that make you swoon at the absolute though of it because it is the most perfect variant? maybe that's opening up the field too much.

i may be doing a gorge-fest over a weekend/week to replace a short trip I was going to do and would like some thoughts.

one thought was the bymark burger and poutine.... but otherwise i'm drawing a bit of a blank. i immensely enjoy batifoles escargots in father sauce but it lacks that air of real decadence and becomes a bit more comfort food.

thanks for the thoughts :)

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  1. Definitely the Bymark burger and I would add the Foie Gras and Brioche at the Black Hoof. It's the closest thing I've found here to APDC's foie gras hamburger. Yum!

    1. The duck in a jar at Cafe du Lac in Etobicoke. Spitting image of APDC's duck in a can. :)

      1. mm.... thanks guys.... of course duck and duck innards (foie gras) makes everything decadent ;)

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        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          i would agree with the foie gras burger and the pork belly at black hoof..very happy to see it opened again after their summer break. :)

          1. re: deabot

            ok, just realized that perhaps skylineR33 was referring to this post... but i didn't think there was a burger at the hoof... just foie on brioche?

        2. How does the foie gras burger of Black Hoof compared to the one of L'Atelier de Robuchon ? I really love the one at L'Atelier. Have anyone tried both ?

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          1. re: skylineR33

            i don't think black hoof has a foie gras burger... just a foie gras on brioche.

          2. My last lobster at Starfish was decadent. Simple preparation, but decadent in terms of taste.

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            1. re: phoenikia

              2nd that! The lobster at Starfish was very tasty! Prepared just how it should be. Light and butter on the SIDE with a tea light candle to keep the butter warm!!