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Sep 16, 2009 07:59 AM

Minneapolis - dinner ideas

Hi, this is the first time I have posted, but lurk often. Here is my situation. I have a good friiend who is getting married, we are not at all interested in a bachelorette type party but would like to take her out to dinner.

4 women
38-48 years old
most comfortable in blue jeans but can dress up
price not really an option

Two of us live south of the river, the other 2 north of the river, so location not really an option either

We are somewhat foodies, looking for a location for dinner a few drinks and laughter

Anfy ideas are greatly appreciated


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  1. I would recommend Nye's. Less for the food and more for the atmosphere. You can sit around, have some dinner and a few drinks, listen to the music at the piano bar and then head into the polka room- which is always a blast!

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    1. re: ksioux

      I always forget abou tNys's, great suggestion thanks

    2. I really like Restaurant Alma. You can each get different options off the tasting menu and taste a whole bunch of delicious things.

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      1. re: pistachio peas

        I'm going to echo the Alma recommendation, provided "a few drinks" means "beer and wine" to your friends.

        Alma is consistently excellent, not fussy (either jeans or dressing up a bit would fit in just fine), and located about half way between your north-siders and south-siders.

      2. Just to throw this out .... If you want drinks and fun w/an excellent menu ... consider the Town Talk Diner. This place sounds perfect for your group ... go casual and have a blast.

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        1. When you say "price not really an option", do you mean no one can afford to pay, or "money is no object"...?

          1. I think Gorkha one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. The food is fantastic and the prices reasonable. It serves Nepali/North Indian food that never fails to thrill.