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Sep 16, 2009 07:54 AM

Tarry Lodge Anniversary dinner review.

The wife and i arrived at Tarry Lodge last night with very high expectations. Not only because of the hype but because she has never been to a Batali restaurant (I have been to Babbo, Lupa and even Po). Let me tell you guys.....our expectations where WELL exceeded. Everything from the food, to the service, to the wine was sublime. Our server helped us construct a 5 course meal and prevented us from voerordering (which we tend to do). The sommolleir picked out the most amazintg bottle of Pinot i have ever had (not a fan normally). and the food....oh the food.

The Gunicale Truffle pizza was life changing. This might be the best thing that has ever entered my mouth my wife agreed. There is no way the shaved truffles are Perigord as such...but boy did the flavor pop. We also tried the housemade speck which was melt in your mouth delicious. Pasta's where from heavan. Oxtail Gnocci was a touch salty but delicious and the Garganelli...yes I will say this right here and now....THE BEST PASTA DISH WE HAVE EVER HAD. Perfectly cooked, bursting with flavor, the mushrooms where almost too delcious, each bight burst with earthy goodness. The meal was capped with us sharing the Roast Quail special. We hadnt intended on it but the server sold us on the dish....quail is easily mishandled and let me tell you....its was superb. Juicy, smokey crispy skin, and the mission fig underneath was perfect! We couldnt decide on the desert and ended up picking the gelato, but the manager braught us out the other desert we where contemplating on the house, as well as some delicious desert wines on the house. Amazing night.

I was expecting a solid casual night out but we ended up spending 2 plus hours on this incredible meal. It was perfect. And here is the kicker....this entire food festival including tip and wine was $200. This is almost insane

What a place!!!

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  1. Oh and we even managed to get one of two dream parking spots lol....maybe it was just our night!

    1. Sounds like a great evening! I know there are CHers who are not fans, but I certainly am. I guess now you are too.

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        Absolutely....i cant comprehend how anyone wouldnt be a fan...unless this place has some awfull off nights.

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          I've also had some success at Tarry Lodge, mainly by sticking to the pizzas and pastas and eating at off-peak hours. The braised oxtail gnocchi can indeed be glorious when it's "on". But I've also had it when the meat has been seriously dreadful...stringy, almost entirely fatty and basically inedible. Been a bit of a roll-of-the-dice whenever my wife or I order it. I've also had their rib eye on 2 separate occasions...first time great, 2nd time crap. Same experience as the oxtail. I think the consistency of their meat entrees can be improved, i.e. the quality of the meat.

        1. Glad you had a great meal. I've been there twice and had one great meal and one truly lousy meal - and I ate the same things - pasta. I loved the pasta bolognese the first time,which was a Sat night. the pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce light (amazing) and delicious. the next time my pasta was so overcooked it was mush. My husband also had pasta and his was so undercooked it crunched!! Admittedly, that was a weeknight and the first night of passover, but, still, no excuses. It was so bad I didn't even feel I wanted to make the schlep back, but we may - you certainly can't beat the prices!!

          1. I went there for my birthday dinner a couple of months ago. I had no complaints about the food, but I did have two complaints in general.

            1. The wait. I made a reservation for 8 PM on a Thrusday night. I had a 25 minute wait even with the rez. We were given some complimentary proseco for our trouble, but that was a good 20 minutes into the wait. Had they offered it sooner, I think I would have been soothed much better.

            2. It's noisy. I ate in the elevated area above the bar and the noise level, while it didn't drown out conversation, did make the whole romantic birthday dinner thing a little less romantic.