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Sep 16, 2009 07:48 AM

Are there any cheap Charm City copy cats?

I want to get my fiance a fun cake for our wedding next year. I love what Charm City Cakes does, but cannot afford $500-$1000 for a groom's cake!

Does anyone know of bakeries that do similar work to Charm City's at a more reasonable price?

Wedding is in Virginia if that helps, about an hour from DC near Front Royal.

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  1. I don't know you consider cheap, but I've been to a wedding that was done by and the cake looked and tasted great.

    1. I think Fancy Cakes by Leslie does that kind of stuff-- my guess is that they are probably almost as expensive as Charm City but I haven't checked their prices.

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        There is a woman named Mary Elliott who bakes amazing and delicious cakes in her home. She did a Terps/Hopkins themed groom's cake for our rehearsal dinner, our wedding cake & a traditional carrot cake for our post-wedding brunch, we also got our daughter's baptism cake from her. She does both buttercream (American & European) and fondant, but she's just north of Towson...
        I learned of her on Baltimore board- maybe check the DC knot board for a NoVa recc? There are great small local bakers out there who are super-talented and don't charge an arm & a leg.

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          I second Mary Elliott, she made my wedding cake years ago, and it was wonderful. She alternated flavors - using my grandmother's vanilla butternut recipe and then a devil's food type chocolate. Everyone raved about the cake!!

          If anyone is looking for a cake on the Eastern Shore (OC, Bethany or Rehoboth), check out Sweet Disposition in Williamsville. Their Devil's Own cake is AMAZING!!

      2. Perhaps you should investigate Sugar Baker's on Frederick Road in Catonsville. The bakery is a bit pricey, but doubt that it is as expensive as CCC. You may want to read a delightful book, :"Let Me Eat Cake," by Leslie F. Miller. She has compiled an extensive research profiling the local bakeries as regards to CAKE. It's an amusing read and probably could be very helpful for you in your search for the perfect wedding cake. BTW, congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and good luck. FoiGras

        1. BKeith in Virginia. I've had three cakes that he's made and one was more amazing than the next! The wedding cakes are listed at $5.75/slice, 50 serving minimum.

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