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Sep 16, 2009 07:46 AM

Where can I get a rare burger in Myrtle Beach?

We just got back from Myrtle Beach & we went to Prosser's & Creek Ratz & neither would make me a rare burger. I got a semi-rare one at River City Cafe, which was ok. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Myrtle Beach that will cook a burger rare? Someone recommended Outback, but I can get those here in Jersey. I was looking for a local Myrtle Beach restaurant. Thanks.

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  1. Is there a local or state ordinance prohibiting rare burgers....or more appropriately, is there an ordinance requiring burgers to be cooked beyond medium and 160*?

    I believe there's a Fuddruckers in Barefoot Landing, although a chain restaurant, they will cook your burger less than well done if I am not mistaken.

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      I believe the law allows a rare burger if the restaurant grinds the meat themselves. It's a tragic case of big government screwing up.

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        For anyone not familiar with Fuddrucker's, they grind and slice their meat for burgers and steaks daily.....and also bake their rolls/buns fresh daily on premise.....even the squeeze cheese/jalapeno cheese is made fresh daily from a powder mix.:-)

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          That would explain it, although when I asked if there was a law, the waitresses at both places said no, we only cook our burgers well done. What got me was (I think it was Prosser's) the menu said burgers "cooked the way you like them". Well, I like mine rare, but they still wouldn't cook it that way. I think they meant with whatever toppings you wanted since they had a lot of toppings, but I apparently interpreted the statement incorrectly. That law sounds about as logical as the one we came upon at our hotel. It has a swim-up pool bar, but the swim-up bar (3 ft. deep) was closed because they had no lifeguard & you must have a lifeguard at a swim-up bar. They didn't need one at the 4 1/2 foot regular pool that said swim-up bar was part of, though. Go figure. I guess laws are as screwy in SC as they are up here in NJ.

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            Although a stupid law, I'm laughing at the thought of a rash of people getting hammered, falling off the barstool, and drowning in 3 feet of water. It IS Myrtle Beach.

            The 160 degree thing is a state law, it's been around since the early 90's when there was that kid that died from a jack-in-the-box burger somewhere in the PNW. Senseless, no? I mean, it's not like they ask you how you want your burger cooked at jack-in-the-box. Cigarettes I can have. Booze I can have. Oysters are more dangerous than hamburger for god's sake! Same drill in N.C.

            But I'm sure some state congressman got a pat on the back for "saving the children."

            This is a sore subject for me, can you tell?

            1. re: danna

              I can see why it's a sore subject for you. I don't like being told how my food should be cooked. I'll sign a waiver. In Jersey we had the no runny eggs law, so I know what you mean. It eventually got repealed & spelled the end of our then governor's political career.

              I can see that when I do eventually move down to SC, I'm going to have to have my burgers at home, or should I worry about the burger police coming after me?

              1. re: Jerzeegirl

                danna, as you know,

                You are my new best friend, lol!

                Don't ask me about a governor's career! hahahaha

      2. Gemstone: Try Hamburger Joe's on Rt 17 business, another good place is Five Guys Burgers and Fries (4 locations) a third choice would be The Dirty Banana (the restaurant is alongside the barroom next door.

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          I've seen Hamburger Joe's, so maybe we'll try it next trip. We have Five Guys up here & I wasn't impressed with it. Where's the Dirty Banana?

          1. re: gemstone

            You're definitely not going to get a rare burger at 5 Guys. Are you sure the other places you mention will cook them rare, as that was the OP's question.

          2. Bonefish grill has a wagyu burger for under $10 that they will cook rare and it is huge!