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Sep 16, 2009 07:44 AM

Need bagel place in or near Ambler

I live in Maple Glen and work in Blue Bell. I'm part of a bagel club at work and I'm looking for somewhere to stop for bagels on my way in. So far my only option has been Dunkin' Donuts and they are not as good as what most of the others bring in. Can anyone help me?

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  1. Yeah, DD's bagels are not very good.

    Rich's Other Place on Bethlehem Pike has bagels but a limited selection. Also, Genuardi's in Springhouse does fresh baked bagels.

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    1. re: Den

      Genuardi's bagels may be round with a hole in the middle, but as far as I am concerned, they aren't the real thing. I suggest Manhattan Bagel: there's one on Bethlehem Pike and 63 where Whole Foods is and one inside the Super Fresh (I think that's what the former Clemens is) at Routes 73 and 202 (where Kohl's is). Whole Foods also has bagels that are pretty good. Ambler desperately needs a great bagel shop. Anyone thinking about starting a business one day?

      1. re: Karen K

        I forgot about Manhattan Bagel in the Whole Foods center. I'm surprised they're still open as every time I've been in there the place is totally empty.

      2. What about In The Bag in Maple Glen? Their bagels are very good, though on the weekends you need to get there early before they sell out.

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        1. re: localgal55

          Do they have bulk and variety? I need a dozen various types of bagels for the office.

            1. re: pkmoor

              They do have them in bulk, but only a handful of varieties.

          1. Maybe not precisely around the corner for you, but I find Yum Yum (the donut place) bagels to be very good. One location is at the corner of York & County Line Road and one right on Street Road in Warminster. Great variety too.

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            1. re: dberg1313

              If you are going as far as York Road you might as well go to Bucks County Bagels. Great variety.

              Yum Yum also has a branch in Lansdale/Colmar at the corner of Broad and 309.

              Bagelworks in Lansdale on South Broad is another option.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Unfortunately the Yum Yum shops are the opposite way that I need to go.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Service at Bagelworks in Lansdale is PAAAAIINNNfully SLOW.

                  Some advice: I have "placed an order" the day before for several dozen bagels; picked them up as soon as they opened (6:30am?) and they had them all sliced and ready to go. Bagels are delish!

              2. There is the Bagel and Bread house on Norristown Road on the shopping center on the right before you get to Horsham. Bagels are a little pricey but good and you can download a coupon from .

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                1. re: Imeeyore24

                  Sorry, Imeeyore24, but I thought the bagels there were awful, coupon notwithstanding.

                  1. re: Karen K

                    I agree. I went to try their bagels but walked out without buying any. They were so pale and puffy I didnt want to waste my money.

                2. George's Shop n Bag in the Dreshertown Shopping Center has decent bagels, and there's a new bagel shop opening soon in that same shopping center.

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                  1. re: tourmama

                    I hadn't heard that there would be a new bagel shop there and wasn't holding out much hope after the dentist moved in. Location-wise that shopping center is not far for me.

                    1. re: tourmama

                      Do you have any more information about that new bage shop in Dreshertown Shopping Center? Is it moving into the spot where the old one was? When?

                      1. re: localgal55

                        Sign says it's called "It's Bagelicious", and according to the sign in the window yesterday, "4 days until we open". Yes, it's in the same location as the other bagel shop was.

                          1. re: Karen K

                            It's open - I got there at 2:10 today, but couldn't get in because they closed at 2. Hours are 7 - 2 on weekdays. I saw the menu through the door, though, and the variety looks interesting. They say they boil, instead of bake, their at least they're trying to do it right!!! Will post as soon as I try it.

                            1. re: tourmama

                              Finally got to It's Bagelicious in the Dresher Shopping Center today, and the bagels were quite good. Smaller than the bagels at Shop n Bag, but the right amount of chewiness and not at all crumbly. It's worth a try.

                              1. re: tourmama

                                I agree with tourmama. Great bagels from It's Bagelicious! I hope they can make a go of it with their limited hours. By the way, even though they are smaller than many of the way-too-big bagels all around, they aren't cheaper.