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Need just ONE DINNER in Portland- WHERE?

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Should we go? Coming from NY for a business meeting in Portland. Want to take my clients to a great but not fancy LOCAL restaurant. Where should I take them? THANKS

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  1. Pok Pok on Division, great food, really unique atmosphere.

    1. Laurelhurst Market, Tabla, Davis Street Tavern

      1. the food at Pok Pok is great, but I would never take a client there as the wait can be terrible, and there's nothing to do in the neighborhood while you wait.

        JillO's suggestions are good. But if it were me, I'd make a reservation at Le Pigeon. You could also grab a pre or post meal drink at Doug Fir right nearby. This would be a quintessential PDX experience.

        1. Sel gris! Excellent food. Nice place.

          I love Tabla, but the last time I dined there the noise level was painful...

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            I adore Sel Gris, but by PDX standards, it is "fancy" so I didn't mention it. I'd also offer up ten-01 in that same vein...

            I thought of Le Pigeon, but I didn't think communal dining at Le Pigeon is the setting one usually wants for taking business clients out for dinner.

            The places I mentioned all take reservations and have private tables, things I thought the OP might want in this situation...

            1. Thank you all.....will post a review of where we choose. Leaning toward Laurelhurst Market

              1. Our final choice for our one night in Portland dinner was was Laurelhurst Market. As they only seat full parties, we had to wait a little over an hour for our four top. Found our way to the ample and very prideful bar where I was fortunate enough to meet Scott the head bartender. Every drink they make at this bar is with pride, and a great explanation! Scott made me his house special martini with local Oregon made vodka. I don't even like olives and it was amazing. My guest had other martinis that he made and all were wondeful. When we sat down, the host/co owner knew we had waited a long time and sent over some comp appies. Not necessary but a nice touch. The service was casual and very attentive and the food was fine. A great local PDX find, but don't miss Scott's special martini...maybe he should trademark it!! Enjoy

                Laurelhurst Market
                3155 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97232