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Sep 16, 2009 07:10 AM

Knife sharpening?

Having trouble getting the garlic slivers fine enough, the ginger threads sliced through, etc. Does anyone know of a place to get knives sharpened, preferably in Cambridge or Somerville and reasonably inexpensive?

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  1. According to the website,, a knife sharpener (Siraco) comes to the Union Square farmer's market every second and fourth Saturday, which means you could try for September 26. I have no idea of the price, but I keep meaning to go myself. In the past I've taken my knives to Kitchen Arts on Newbury St., but I can't recall how much it cost.

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      Sorry, that website is null. Do google search for Union Square farmer's market Somerville and you'll find it.

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        There is only a PO Box and phone number on the website, but says they are in Somerville

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          Following up a year later, I had my knives sharpened by Siraco at the Union Square farmer's market last year and was please. At the market yesterday, sign said that Siraco's would be at the market Saturday, July 24.

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          Siraco picks up scissors, clipper blades and medical instruments from my practice and they always do a good job on them.

          For kitchen knives, we do ours at home with the Chef's Choice 130 which is the model America's Test Kitchen rated as best. With a little bit of practice, you can have really sharp knives all the time- totally worth it.

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            I brought some knives to this truck at the Union Square market a couple of weeks ago- I think I paid around $15 for 4 knives, and it only took about 1/2 hour. I am not a professional, but they knives seem to have been sharpened well.

          2. I used to take mine to Kitchen Arts, I think it was something like $5/knife.

            Since though I've learned to use wetstones pretty well (I have mostly high carbon steel knives) and with a few passes on the stones I keep mine screaming sharp with ease and no need to send them away. I highly recommend this approach to anyone who is interested in having truly sharp knives ready for use in their kitchen.

            1. I'm pretty sure Tags in Porter Square does knife sharpening. Not sure the price though.

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                They send the knives to Siraco, so it can take up to a week. You're better off just meeting the Siraco folks at the Union Sq. Farmer's Market and getting it done right away.

              2. Oddly enough, but great all the same, European Country Antiques in the Huron Village neighborhood of Cambridge has a highly skilled "knife sharpening" guru-(not advertised)

                1. Does anyone know of any places that sharpen food processor blades? I emailed Siraco a few months back, but they don't do it. I know I could order a new one, but it seems like such a waste. Some of those hard parmesan rinds are tough on the blades.