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Sep 16, 2009 06:45 AM

Portland in the NY Times

Great article in the 9/16/09 New York Times Dining section:

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  1. I read this too- what a great article for a city that really deserves it. The food in Portland (along with the atmosphere of the rest of the city) is really outstanding. It runs a VERY close second to my favorite food city......

    1. A very strategically timed article too -- will help get tourists to come to Portland in the off-season.

      Though I suspect it was really just a way to write off Julia Moskin's summer vacation.

      Sorry, feeling snarky today.

      1. Interesting/curious that the restaurants and other aspects mentioned by name here almost replicate the Portland article in this month's Bon Appetit...and that neither of them make any mention, to speak of, of 555, which would surely be included on most of our lists of top spots, for all the same reasons as the one's they do mention.

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        1. re: mainemal

          Yes, and Rob Evans appears to be conspicuously absent as well.

          She seems to have left out the usual suspects -- Fore St. St & Co, 555, Hugo's/Duck Fat, Browne Trading, Standard Bakery, Back Bay Grill -- so I suspect it's on purpose.

          1. re: the_MU

            Yes, that's why I thought it was an excellent article, Erik deserves more note and the bakery in South Portland . . . I've never even heard of that. Wonderful stuff!

            1. re: the_MU

              Probably because they want to recognize the new guard. Fore Street and Hugos don't need any more attention

            2. re: mainemal

              I'm thinking that the collection of chefs/restaurants is more related to the Deathmatch crew then anything else. No other aspect of the Portland restaurant scene has garnered as much attention as that group has done as of late.

            3. Aren't we luck to live here???

              Although I am drinking CBD right now(right down the street from my office), I wish Arabica had taken the coffee nudge...Both for Doug's toast and best espresso(beats CBD by a landslide...).

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              1. re: Bunnyfood

                Yeah, CBD is all about the beans; Arabica is all about the brew (seem to recall they get their beans from away somewhere). Arabica has gorgeous lattes.

              2. Interestingly, the Portland Press Herald has a front-page article today about the article which appeared in the Times: