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Sep 16, 2009 05:42 AM

Park East in Hazlet?

The Steak Exchange is gone from Rt 35 (Southbound side) and has been replaced by what I think is called Park East Bistro. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. This location sure has had a revolving door! I too did a double take on my way to Keyport and noted Park East Bistro. On the way back, I went in for a menu. It's a sushi bar.

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      HillJ sure is right, that location turns over quite often. I think there may have even been a couple in between Steak Exchange & Park East.

    2. Park East replaced the steakhouse. I was there twice in the past week.
      In the front there is a very nice upscale sports bar with multiple hd screens.
      They usually have some form of entertainment. Sometimes a live band, other times a DJ with Trivia contests etc.

      In the rear there is a Martini Bar and restaurant.
      I was at the martini bar and they have daily $5 martini specials with Ketel One as the house vodka...very nice! They also have 1/2 sushi specials on Wednesday. Great rolls and well done. The martini's are not your run of the mill martinis. They are hand-designed and very well made.

      The establishment looks like its been renovated and has an upscale feel to it.

      Pricing is very reasonable and the entire place is a great place to socialize or just hang.

      Hope that helps.

      i dont see a website for it yet.

      They say they are planning an official grand opening soon....

      1. We had never heard of Park East until we heard about a free poker tournament being held there every Monday night. The first time we went we only went for drinks and poker but had such a good time we decided the next time we went we would definitely come early to eat. So the following week we went early for dinner. All four of us went and each had the steak dinner (which was the special on Monday night) served with green beans and potatoes for $14. The steaks were good but nothing exceptional, in fact one steak ordered smothered in onions was misleading. While it was smothered in onions it was also smothered in some severely spicy sauce, therefore it could not fully be enjoyed. Other than that the others seemed to enjoy their steaks but again was nothing to rave about. Anyway, after dinner the poker game had begun but what started out as a good night soon did a 180. The doorman (yes they do have a doorman, dressed for winter in an Old Navy sweat shirt, jeans and black sneakers) made a rude comment to one of us about our attire. He says, "Baggy Jeans, Timberland Boots??? Your not allowed to dress like that here....Don;t come back here dressed like that again. We don't need that element here." First of all, we had just sat down and spent over $100 on dinner and no one ever said anything about a dress code until this doorman decided to make this nasty comment. Second, we were still inside running a tab for beverages but because of this nasty comment we decided to leave right away. While the staff that served us during dinner and at the bar was very friendly and attentive the whole experience was destroyed because of the doorman. I would suggest if you are going to eat here that you dress in your Sunday best otherwise you may get a lecture from the doorman.....