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Sep 16, 2009 05:20 AM

Rome - Need Suggestions for 4 Dinners

We will be in Rome for 4 nights in January - staying in a centrally located hotel, but willing
to venture out for dinner. Would love suggestions for restaurants for dinner - particularly
the hard-to-find jewels. Thanks in advance.

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  1. there have been hundreds of threads on the same general topic and dozens of restaurants consistently recommended. I suggest you start with a search of this Board - a more specific request about price range, days of the week, type of food you want to experience and you will be more likely to get some specific replies.

    1. I usually rent near the Spanish Steps, so the following are notes from places close by.
      You can't really go wrong w/food in Rome. I like to stop by shops and pack a picnic and wine for the apt. for late night urges.
      also, do a search of the archives here, I have saved many posts that offer great advice for other neighborhoods for future trips to Rome.

      Ristorante 34- Via Mario de Fiore, 34
      P.zza di Spagna
      great sweetbreads with artichokes, and seafood lasagna
      > > > >
      Trattoria Otello alla Concordia- Via della Croce, 81 P.zza di
      Spagna eggplant parmesan and veal saltimbocca; antipasti plate
      with artichokes is a great starter; great desserts too
      > > > >
      Osteria Margutta- Via Margutta, 82
      P.zza di Spagna
      very cozy with fireplace; great seafood
      > > > >
      l'Enotec Antica- Via della Croce, 76
      P.zza di Spagna
      happy, little wine bar with great cheese, roasted veggies and
      sausages. I usually stop here nightly on the way back to the apt.
      > > > >
      Spinosi Alberto- Via del Mascherino, 60-62-64; Antica Trattoria
      Dal 1923 just outside, to the left of the Vatican Tipica cucina
      romana; best caprese and meat lasagna; great lunch place
      > > > >
      Le Naumache- Via Celimontana, 7
      known for their fettuccini and tiramisu
      > > > >
      "Mystery" restaurant- either Rist. alle Rampa or Caffe Leonardo
      facing the Spanish Steps, on the same side of the street of the
      steps, go to the right and on your left is a row of restaurants
      next to Valentino and AMEX. there is one with outdoor dining and
      the best zucchini blossoms and fabulous buffet of all things
      > > > >
      Hotel Forum- Via Tor de'Conti, 25-30
      Roof garden restaurant with panoramic view of the Forum; nice if you want to stop for a drink and snack after walking the Forum. not brilliant food, but great place to sit and relax and drink in the view.
      > > > >
      Rosati- Via del Corso and Via di Ripetta
      P.zza del Popolo
      Great Sunday brunch with terrific view of the piazza.
      > > > >
      Ciccia Bomba Pizza & Co.
      via del Governo Vecchio, 76
      great pizza place near the Piazza Navona; highly recommended by
      > > > >
      Ristorante La Carbonara
      Piazza Campo de' Fiori, 23
      overlooking the Piazza; great antipasti bar and pasta carbonara
      go to the Campo de' Fiori market first for fruit, veggies,
      flower, and spice market; very colorful; then have a long lunch
      at Carbonara
      > > > >
      Il Gabriello
      Via Vittoria, 51; near the Spanish Steps area
      fresh, homemade pastas; don't miss the grilled radicchio with
      > > > >
      Giolotti; Piazza Collona
      ice cream, gelati
      > > > >
      Tre Scalini; Piazza Navona
      sit outside and have the Tartuffo; a decadent chocolate gelati, truffle, bomb thing

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      1. re: edible complex

        Wow - your many great suggestions are making me hungry! thanks

        1. re: jmk38

          We went to Ristorante La Carbonara and wasn't too impressed with their Carbonara. The one we make at home is better (foodnetwork recipe). Campo de'l fiori market is a nice produce market, mornings only.

          1. re: lobsterlover

            i have to stick up for this place.
            it's clearly on the tourist track but they can deliver a decent meal at a reasonable price. we rent a place a few blocks away every march and haven't been there in a few years. still, it was ok when we went.

            1. re: steve h.

              If you are willing to tour a little bit for tasty roman dinners I would suggest to check for the several new restaurants that have opened up lately:
              COLONNA on Via Nazionale, SETTEMBRINI on Via Settembrini, SICILIANDO by Piazza Augusto Imperatore, and my fav. FERNANDA just off Porta Portese.
              Buon Appetito!

        2. re: edible complex

          Your "mystery" restaurant is indeed, alla Rampa, located behind the AX office to the right of the base of the Spanish Steps. Their antipasti luncheon buffet is phenomenal (1 trip only).
          For dinner, try their spag. vongole or their osso bucco & defintely their tiramasu.
          Cash only, 12:30-14:30 M-F; 19:30-23 T-Sa, closed Sun.

        3. We really really REALLY liked Trattoria Monti although many on this board have differing opinions. its on Via San Vito 13 and you'll absolutely need a reservation. Well worth a trip!

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          1. re: nycreba

            Trattoria Monti is very good and I personally love the two professional brothers running the show. It should be on every chow list!

            1. re: nycreba

              LOVE the Camerucci brothers, Enrico & Daniele, with their chef Momma in the kitchen. Their cheese flans(tortinos) are SWOONABLE as is their house white Verdicchio & any pasta they rec. Daniele in my attached photo w/my friend talking to her Ital. cousins in Isernia she had never met. RESERVE & use their names & you'll have a fabulous meal!

              1. re: RomeAddict

                RomeAddict ... you are correct, by now I think Enrico knows us, as the last two visits to Trat Monti we needed no reservations, but the tortinos were still delectable and crisp white house wine still flowing like water!! They are lovely and still very fun. I am sooo glad to see you are back reading CH and adding notes ... did you see that Fiammetta is closed for renovations?? WHen I first saw that post, I figured you moved to Rome, bought the restaurant and were busy painting it to meet RomeAddict style. Both times I tried to visit in '09 at lunch, it was closed and I talked everyone into walking over to Enoteca Corsi on via del Gesu ... my latest FAVORITE LUNCH SPOT NOW (great gnocchi, great carbonara, great bolognese!!!) and right near my fave church in Rome -- Gesu church just down the street. Fingers crossed that Fiammetta will be back in business before my next Rome visit next summer, hopefully !!! Ciao!!

                1. re: PeggyD

                  On your next visit to Enoteca Corsi, ask for Claudia, one of the daughters of the owners. We know the entire family by now & have been to dinner w/Claudia & her bf Emiliano. Claudia will let you order 1/2 entrees for lunch so you may try 2. I love the Paiellas, great family.
                  I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying Rome and that your parents are still traveling w/you. Hope your Mom is doing great! Best Wishes!! Ciao!!

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