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Sep 16, 2009 04:53 AM

Where can I get bottles of Régnié, Chiroubles and Saint Amour in the MidAtlantic?

I'm hosting a Beaujolais tasting and am having a little trouble finding a retailer who carries these wines. I'm in the Philadelphia area and would be willing to travel as far as DC/Maryland and NY to get some.


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    1. re: oolah

      I found some at Astor in NYC including a Saint Amour:


    2. K+D Wines in Manhattan has a Regnie from Henry Fessy; should be on their web site.

      1. Thanks to both of you. I picked up every Cru (other than Moulin au Vent) and solid examples of Beaujolais and Beaujolais Village between stores down here and Astor Wines in NYC. I should be able to find a decent Moulin down here somewhere.

        Wish me luck and thanks again

        1. Just across the river is Moore Brothers:

          They have some nice Beaujolais Village, Fleurie and Chenas in right now. Super wine store--check them out.

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          1. You might want to add Garnet Wine to your list of NYC sources. I note the v good Joel Rochette Régnié on their list & right now they offer 15% off on solid cases. Garnet is known for their large & excellent inventory & their prices are excellent. BTW, Chinon is one of our favorites & Garnet has an outstanding selection of Loires.