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Sep 16, 2009 04:16 AM

Lyric in Yarmouthport

One word AMAZING. Jillian needs to tag team here as we dined together. We arrived right after work at 5. The staff is attentive and obscure when they need to be and present as well. Our waiter Russell made the evening flow and added some personality yet was not overbearing. The setting is lovely truly. Even the bathroom is lovely. Be warned the side room side tables are all over ac vents so if you are prone to being chilly forgo this area.

I will let Jillian review her meal. I skipped the app as I wanted dessert. For a beverage I had a cobalt blue bottle of sparkling Saratoga water. Bread came with an assortment of Iggy's or Pan D'Avignon breads and lovely EVOO. For my entree I had the seared tuna (27). It was presented so well, a row of perfectly seared rare tuna on a bed of chopped watermelon, yellow and pink. It was topped with some kind of fish roe bright red which i sort of scooped off. A little too much for my liking. Jillian's dish came with Peruvian Purple Mashed Potatoes with Lobster. I ate the entire mound as she is off carbs she ate the two huge lobster chunks. For dessert I had a passion fruit pudding. It was very small but tasty and very light.

My share of the bill with a very generous tip was 60.00. We cannot WAIT to go back! They start serving lunch Thur. - Sat. and will have a Brunch buffet commencing this Sunday.

I have photos so need to figure out how to load them as they are off my phone..

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  1. Glad to finally get a reveiw of Lyric. I will suggest it next time my relatives want to take us to dinner. Thanks.

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      Ha! Good one AGM...get the rels to pay for the $27 tuna! I look forward to going, too. I used to work with Russell (waiter) years ago!

    2. It was a truly lovely meal. I had the special salad with ricotta stuffed zucchini blossom served over greens and papaya with dressing - absolutely delicious. A very tasty halibut in a light buerre blanc sauce over veggies, topped with baby arugula - also delectable (and very filling) Phelana is not capturing in words how LOVELY her tuna looked - I honestly can't recall a prettier presentation! If she gets the pix up, you'll see what I mean. After having a bit I can say it tasted almost as good as it looked. There were more than two lobster chunks in the purple mashed, almost 3/4 of a tail I would estimate. This can also be purchased a la carte. Yes, it is pricey, but Lyric is a wonderful addition to the Cape food scene (even better if the relatives are buying!)

      1. You are the only person I know that has anything good to say about the place. $36 for rack of lamb, consisting of 2 chops. $14 for gnocci consisting of approx 5-6 gnocci's. Don't think I want to chance it.

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        1. re: Doug Mc.

          I'm surprised. I thought the portions were more than adequate. As I said, I was full after my salad and entree even without eating the bread on the table or dessert.

          1. re: Doug Mc.

            Strange, but according to their website the lamb chops are $34 and the gnocchi is only $8. Have you actually eaten there? I ask as Jillians review mentions the meal as very filling so that's a bit contrary to your discription of tiny portions.


            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Jillian called me on her cell 20 min later complaining she was full. My upper pant button was undone. Trust me, the portions are generous. I feel the prices are in par with any high end restaurant on Cape and Boston. I was in Anguilla twice this summer and man, the prices at Lyric were a warm welcome. NYC too, that's a pricey place. Cape Cod has evolved and is not longer the sleepy little hamlet it once was. Fine dining has arrived and I LOVE LYRIC....

            1. re: Afar

              great night...a special night for question what is being done with the former Gracie's Table..sorry to hijack the thread..wish there was a reply to poster options.

              Again loved Lyric and now, want to go back thanks to your post. I too dislike the valet parking mostly because when it backs up, the traffic on 6 A at that corner is positively dangerous.

              1. re: phelana

                Excellent point, phelana, about the Lyric valet parking situation; and, you can't "hijack" the thread because they are incomplete without your posts. I did chat with Anne but she offered no specifics on the sale of GT. Now, whenever we're at Lyric, I'll be thinking of the Billie Holliday song, Easy To Love. I hope you caught the youtube link in the heading. Thanks for your comment.

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                  Awwww..I feel the same about you..haa..please consider posting on too...

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                      Sorry, OT I know, but did Gracie's Table get sold or did they just close up shop? I've seen the ad in Craigslist and elsewhere for many months and was surprised at the low asking price on $84k.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        CCG, GT sold the end of January. Ann was a terrific cook and ran a great show. I'll miss them. I don't know any of the details. I recently posted a review on Lyric and the link is in a comment above. Hope you get a chance to read.

                        1. re: Afar

                          phelana you might enjoy scanning this board:

                          ccg: this is the link to the Lyric review:

                          1. re: Afar

                            TY Afar, I did read this. Excellent write up!

            2. We made it to Lyric this past Friday night 4/16 during a quick weekend up.
              We ordered all specials of the night including 2 appetizers (corn soup with a touch of red pepper, homemade mushroom ravioli in bolognesse) and 2 dinners (sirloin steak in a green peppercorn brandy sauce and swordfish wrapped in prosciutto with sun dried tomato risotto).
              I thought the corn soup was the best of the lot - - good fresh flavor, only a swirl of red pepper so as not to overpower the corn, and not overloaded with cream.
              The ravioli had good components but I didn't think it came together. The ravioli itself was homemade with good mushrooms, though they were a bit undercooked (and I generally appreciate very al dente pasta). When I think of a mushroom ravioli I tend to imagine a white / cream sauce with it - - not a meat sauce. This bolognese did have some cream added to it and had good flavor on it's own - - - but I thought the meatsauce overpowerd the ravioli flavor. In this case, 2 very good components didn't yield and exceptional dish.
              For the steak, the peppercorn sauce was very good. What I didn't like was the use of sirloin which in this case had a lot of fat around it. I will note that the parts we trimmed around were flavorful and cooked well. I'm not a sirloin fan and for au poive type dishes I prefer NY Strip.
              Upon my first bite of the swordfish, I didn't like the prosciutto wrapped around it (crispy due to the searing and cooking). When I unwraped the prosciutto I was left with a perfectly cooked, juicy, excellent piece of swordfish. It still carried a small flavor of the prosciutto, but wasn't overpowered by it. The prosciutto on it's own was also good. I knew I wasn't going to be a huge fan of the risotto because I don't like the sweetness that sun dried tomatos bring in - - - but this risotto was also a bit undercooked and needed a bit more liquid/cream to finish.
              We finished sharing a slice of chocolate mousse cake and it was so rich and heavy that we couldn't finish (and that is a compliment - - - I love my mousse and chocolate cakes to be rich).
              We had 2 splits of champagne to start and a nice bottle of Rhone red with dinner. I thought the wine list had good selection and was very well priced - - many bottlings being at or even a bit under 2x retail. I'm so used to seeing bottles approach 3x retail in restaurants that this was a pleasant surprise.
              With tax and tip the whole thing ran us $160.
              We had some hits and misses, but I'd give it a solid "B" from our initial visit (with a B++ wine list score). We enjoyed it enough to give it another go to form a final decision.

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              1. re: foleyd7

                I forgot to comment on the crowd. The bar area was full with 8 or so people eating when we arrived at 8 pm - - - it look like a crowd of seniors that all knew each other because they were all talking and seemed to leave all together less than 45 minutes later. The other 3 rooms only had about 5 or 6 total tables taken, so the overall crowd scene was not that strong. I realize we went up before the busy season but before heading there for dinner we drove around 6a a bit and the sushi place (forget the name) was mobbed, the Dolphin was packed, and even the Barnstable Tavern seemed to have people lined up wating for tables. These places are all within a mile or so of Lyric so I'm not sure how to read into that.

                1. re: foleyd7

                  Inaho the sushi restaurant is always packed. The last time at Lyric we too noticed an older crowd at the bar, rather loud but having fun. They came early and left early. I have been dining at this location since the Cranberry Moose days. We shall see how things unfold. Am off Cape all summer so keep me posted.