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Sep 16, 2009 03:07 AM

Any Recent Experiences at Andre's?

Has anyone dined at Andre's since it moved to the Monte Carlo? If so, how is it? I have three of my four meals in Vegas planned - Robuchon, Savoy, Craftsteak (with friends and comped because of an experience there last year.) I'd kind of like to do something "vegas exclusive" as opposed to a branch outpost of an otherwise "American" restaurant such as Mina, Fleur, Aureole so Andre's seems to fit the bill - but I wonder if it is that much different/better than the average French restaurant anywhere else.


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  1. Andre's had did not move into the Monte Carlo. He had the downtown location and the Monte Carlo location for several years, until the end of last year when the downtown location closed.

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      Fair - be that as it may, any experience with the restaurant at Monte Carlo?

    2. Chef Andre Rochat is now at Alize at The Palms. Haven't dined there. Have heard both good and bad.