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Sep 15, 2009 10:13 PM

Cilantro Criollo

They were selling bunches of cilantro that were gigantic and much more wispy than leafy at the local mexican supermercado. I tasted it and it had a much more pleasant flavor than run of the mill herb. It looks like it may be just cilantro they let sprout or go wild but they were calling it criollo and I liked it better than the regular/

Kind of looked like this

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  1. Around Fresno and elsewhere in the Central Valley of CA, Hmong farmers grow their own variety of cilantro that we can often buy at farmers mkts in SF. They call it Hmong cilantro and it has a much more finely cut leaf and is usually sold with the roots on that are so important to Thai and other cooking. The fragrance is more intense and more fruity rather than savory. Your photo looks even more wispy than these.

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