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Sep 15, 2009 10:10 PM

Japanese Foudou

A friend "noticed" a restaurant at Buchanan by Pine in SF advertising Japanese Foudou and is interested in trying it out. I've searched for a Japanese restaurant at that location and on "Foudou" and can't find anything. Any idea what it is?


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  1. Could "foudou" be a misspelling of dofu, i.e., tofu??

    1. If I had to guess, they are probably referring to "shabu shabu" which is a hot pot type of cooking with thinly sliced meat and vegetables cooked in the boiling water. Search on the board for shabu shabu and see if there are similar descriptions to what you saw.

      1. I am pretty sure the sign reads "Japanese Fondue" which is Shabu-Shabu and there are three or four of that cuisine on that corner.

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          hmmm, the corner of Pine & Buchanan is a dry cleaners... could it be Buchanan between Post and Sutter?
          Shabu-sen Restaurant
          1726 Buchanan Street

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            Thanks, guys, Japanese Fondue--Shabu-Shabu makes sense. Now I just have to find some reviews.

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              I am a big fan of Shabu-sen, but I tend to get the sukiyaki rather than the shabu-shabu. In the case here, the shabu-shabu is done in water with two side sauces and the sukiyaki is done in a flavored broth (very sweet). They do an all you can eat and an all you can drink deal as well as just ala cart.
              It is oddly expensive for what you are getting, but I start to get a craving for that sweet salty taste every few months and demand to go there. I mean this as a compliment to them, but it tastes like what yoshinoya beef bowl really wants to taste like, if that makes any sense. Pump up the flavors in that to like a 9 and you have shabu-sen's sukiyaki.