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Sep 15, 2009 09:58 PM

Rolling Tacos Late Night in SD / Tribute

They say fish Tacos are THE San Diego food. What about the famous Rolled tacos draped with faintly avocado tasting sauce and bright yellow cheese. They are saving imbibed San Diegans nightly in our town and they deserve tribute.

Yes. I remember that a lot of the 'beef' product comes canned from Argentina. I don't really care out of more concern of nostalgia and late nite necessity of these torpedoed shaped food. And that they are not authentic (though I really loved the homemade flautas I ate in Guadalajara).

Where do you like to get your city's nocturnal other food, rolled tacos? Please factor in the garnishment - salsas, escabeche, good horchata as well.

Right now the best I have had - come from El Cuervo - they are not rolled as tight - the chicken isnt finely shredded and the salsas are wonderful (As is that older lady that works there).

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  1. Thumbs up for my weekly standby, El Cuervo!

    Mama Testa's beef taquitos are pretty darn good too, esp when they're floating in spicy beef broth!

    1. I was always partial to Nico's chicken rolled tacos. There's one in Bay Park on Morena Blvd., and one in OB on Newport St. They use real guacamole, and the chicken is very tasty.

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      1. re: Josh

        yeah Nico's are probably my fav.

        I like the fish rolled tacos at Los Panchos on Washigton (by Sushi Ito, Hillcrest) but I've never eaten them sober lol

      2. I go to Los Reyes in Golden Hill, though I get the potato rolled tacos. The rolled tacos are pretty good, and they do have some guacamole-like sauce. The salsas are good too, but I haven't had their horchata. They do make some fresh juices there which can be good. I usually get carrot, pear, apple etc. They don't stay open too late, so I guess they kind of fail on the late night rolled taco front.

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          Yeah I forgot about the late night aspect. Nico's closes early too, I think.

          I did try one of the Los Panchos fish rolled tacos. Not bad at all.