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ThermoWorks - Super Fast Thermapen - worth the money?

On the ledge here, do I jump and buy a Thermapen, is it really worth the money???


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  1. Whether it is worth the money is all about how accurate a reading you want is. If you eat your steaks medium to well done, don't buy it. If you like to have an indication of your meat's temp in 2-3 secs it's worth it.

    I routinely make pork chops and I like to pull them at no less than 148 degrees to insure they are cooked to my liking. By 155 they are overcooked--that is after they rise 5-7 degrees off the heat. I don't get instant accuracy from anything but the thermapen.

    I'm happy with mine. I got sick of inaccurate readings from cheap to mid priced thermometer (I tried almost everything else out there). My friend has had one for 2 years and it's still dead accurate.

    I'm really confident about temps, and for me that makes it worth it....

    1. Everyone who has one seems to swear by them. There are some private sales on I have seen (10-20% sale).

      I think the value is in if you really like to pull something at a specific temp.
      If you use the touch method, probably not worth it, but if you are interested in not overcooking and want fast accurate results, the thermapen is a worthy buy, consistently heralded by Alton Brown and Cooks Illustrated as a standard tool .

      1. I just got one on sale at the thermoworks web site. Not the waterproof one, but the older model that's on sale now. I am thrilled with it. I've bought probably 7 "instant read" probe thermometers over the past 5 years, and they all broke, were inaccurate, or otherwise hard to use. The thermapen is awesome. I'm really happy I made the leap!

        1. Since they came out with their waterproof model the original has been on sale. Is it worth ~ $70 for a thermometer? Depends. I know you can get other brands that have similar response times and accuracies for less. Other brands with more features for around the same price. Do your comparison shopping. I have the original thermapen that I got on a private sale. Bit the bullet and just went for it. I use it a lot. I can cook steaks and make sure that everyone gets theirs like they want from rare to well done. Okay the well done is pretty easy without the temp check. Seared chicken breast come out exactly how I want them at 165 deg. and not over done. Since different size breasts will cook at different time I can get a quick check to pull the small ones off when they hit 160 and let them rest while the others finish cooking. It only takes a few seconds to get a reading. I use it when smoking foods, making yogurt, the list goes on. If I average out the cost over the times I use it and for the length of time it should last it's pennies.

          1. no one can tell you if it's worth it. you have to apply your own value system. but, it works as advertised.

            1. How specific are you all when you cook steaks? I enjoy a wide range of different levels of done-ness. My new years resolution a couple of years back was to eat more steaks, and I still generally eat at least one a week, so I've had enough experience that I can pan-fry or grill them really accurately. 'Course roasting is a different fish-kettle.

              The one thing I have a slight issue with is pork chops, as I only like them slightly pink

              1. A thermocouple thermometer like the Thermapen is faster, more reliable, and more accurate than cheaper bimetal units. Lab techs, health inspectors, and other folks who need accurate data in a hurry strongly favor them.

                As others have noted, a Thermapen is really the only way to get an quick read on the internal temp of a steak or chop. And if you're roasting a chicken, you can sample several spots before all the heat from the oven escapes into the kitchen.

                Whether they're worth the price is a call only you can make. But the technology they're based on is markedly superior to that used in other thermometers.

                1. I have bought many of these, they are totally worth it to me. I like great steaks and with a thermapen I can hit 119 degrees on the button. Have given pens to friends, my kids and even the chef at my country club.

                  1. I love mine, I got the original model marked down when the waterproof model came out. It is one of the things that is always on my counter. I use it when searing steaks, cooking pork and chicken & my tri-tip comes out perfectly medium rare now -every time! It's one of those things that make me wonder how I got by without it

                    1. Barely a day goes by that I don't use my thermapen. Testing the temp of frying oil, custards to prevent curdling, chicken, bread, etc. Best $90.00 I've spent on a kitchen tool, ever. Thermapens rock! adam

                      1. Santa bought me one for Xmas 2006. I use it constantly, and it is still on its original battery and is dead-on accurate. Some of the best money Santa ever spent.

                        The only drawback to me is there is no "hold" feature, meaning you can't stick it in a roast and pull it out to get a better look at the temperature. It responds so fast the temp will change before you get it out and look at it.