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Sep 15, 2009 09:46 PM

So if I wanted to buy marrow and suet, where exactly would I go, and would it be on the west side?

Any stores fit the bill for this kind of beef part? Bonus if grass-fed, but anyplace would be fine.

Marrow extracted or good marrow bones, and suet.

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  1. doubtful, I ask on occasion at independent mom and pop butchers (a game I call 'stump the vendor' another good one is ''do you have raw milk?' at an indy dairy) and they look at me like I'm nuts.

    although you may find some decent marrow in soup bones, but that's a dice roll.

    best to research a wholesale slaughterhouse and prepare to render the suet yourself.

    1. Most large grocery stores have suet and marrow bones in the meat counter. The supply is usually limited so act accordingly. In the winter, I buy suet for the birds. I often buy sliced bones with the marrow for soup and marrow butter. Ask the meat counter man/woman.

      1. I've seen suet in the past at Surfas as for marrow you can buy bone marrow pretty much everywhere. I've seen it at some Ralph's but you would have much better quality at Marconda meat at the Farmer's Market.

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          Thanks all. More cuisine adventures. (On a separate yet related note, I'm pretty happy with the way chicken stock turns out with the addition of chicken feet, from 99 Ranch.)

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            Chicken feet are ESSENTIAL to a good stock... Glad you have come to that realization... ;)