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Sep 15, 2009 07:35 PM

Florida Keys, Great Local Joints

We'll be chartering a boat the week after Christmas cruising the lower Keys and need some local knowledge for not to miss local joints . Nothin fancy, just good food. The closer to the water the better. Would love to find places that serve fresh seafood, particularly shrimp.

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  1. What, no Hound's in the Keys?

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      I'm in the Upper Keys- I don't make it to the lower Keys much and avoid Key West like the plague. Worse than the mainland.
      How far south are you going to be?

    2. We went to Sparky's Landing in Marathon Key on advise from CH and had a great lunch, fish rueben and chili dog plus some local beer. Sparky's is located on the docks of the KCB Marina in Key Colony Beach.Loved the view too.

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        Key West Dining-out

        Alonzo’s Oyster Bar - on the water – great happy hour half price appetizers and discounted drinks

        Blue Heaven -
        Outdoor casual dining

        El Siboney -
        Inexpensive Cuban cuisine

        Nine one Five
        Eclectic tapas bar

        Excellent healthy cuisine

        Great breakfast with outside dining. Also good for lunch or dinner.

        Croissants de France
        Breakfast on Duval

        Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Diner type atmosphere, but food and service are good. On Simonton Street

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          If you are heading to Key West, I second the vote for El Siboney. My party ordered Vaca Frita (personal favorite), Siboney Steak, Ropa Vieja, Grilled MahiMahi, wonderful sangria, complimentary generously butter slathered Cuban bread. Not on the water but furiously packed. Catherine and Margaret Streets.

          The French influenced Banana Cafe has amazing crepes, both sweet and savory. Make sure to save room for a Nutella crepe at the end of the meal! On the touristy road of Duval, but so yummy. Duval and Catherine Streets.

        islamorada classic been her for ever cool island style
        little more expensive but every bit as good as peter lugars

        1. My favorite place in Islamorada is Bentley's. AWESOME food.

          1. The original comment has been removed