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Sep 15, 2009 07:18 PM

which of these would you choose for guys dinner near penn station?

Four guys going out to Thursday night dinner near Penn station for a reunion. Not picky about the type of cuisine, but it would be nice to have a variety of food options on the menu just in case one prefers fish, etc. They will likely have a couple of drinks and dinner and prefer to keep budget to $60 pp or less, including drinks and tip, if possible. It would be a plus if the place were not that noisy and provided a nice setting to talk for an extended time.

Which would you choose:

Seven Bar and Grill
Tir na Nog
Lugo Caffe
Nick and Stefs

Koreatown not an option. At first glance Nick and Stefs and Niles look pricy. Any of these others a good choice?

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  1. Would say Tir na Nog or Stout. Stout is a sports bar type place with bar food....if there's a game it could be crowded. Tir na Nog if I recall could be crowded at happy hour. I recall the menu being either bar snacks or on the pricey side, but I'd look at menupages.

    1. I'd say go with Lugo Caffe...the space is large and attractive and they have a great bar area.

      1. Tir Na Nog is a goog guys place...good burgers, good beer

        1. i would go to Keens Steakhouse and sit in the pub room (in between the bar and the main dining room)...the regular menu steaks, chops, etc are way over the 60 pp limit...but if you got burgers, appetizers, etc, from the pub menu you'd probably be able to get out of there for around 60 each, including some drinks...they also have a fried chicken salad on the pub menu that's great...

          i'm suggesting Keens partly because it's a great and memorable place for a reunion...haven't been to the other places, so i can't weigh in...have a fun night...

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            Have to agree with Simon. Keens Pub room is a great place to meet with a bunch of guys, with much less expensive options than the main dining room.

          2. I also think Keens pub room might be a good selection. That was the first thing I thought of until you mentioned the budget. Great whiskey selection (bourbon?)

            Tir na Nog is also a good spot with surprisingly better food than you'd think. Good beer selection.

            I've heard good things about Seven but haven't been.

            Stout's no good if you want to talk and want to eat something besides a greasy pile of unidentifiable imitation food product. Though they do have an extensive beer selection-- which is nice. Just not good for anything but watching a game.

            I dont' know anything about the other places you mentioned.