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Sep 15, 2009 07:06 PM

Morikami Gardens

Visiting the Morikami Gardens for the 1st time with Mom who is in town visiting. Any suggestions for lunch or dinner nearby? I saw on the website that the Gardens has a cafe that has, according to them, been rated pretty well. Has anyone ever been? Pretty open to types of food, prefer something with an ocean view but nothing too fancy. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. obviously there is no ocean view that far west - so options are: the cafe there which I wasn't even aware of, Way Beyond Bagels across the street, you can eat there inside or outside or take out your food and go back and sit overlooking the lake at Morikami. There is also the Italian restaurant across from Morikami called something like Casa Mia (it's something Mia) but its not open mid afternoon. There is also Henry's which is lovely for dinner but expensive, the new place which was where Gotham City was, Starbucks and that's it for that area.

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      Thx for the quick response and the suggestions. We're willing to drive a bit for a decent meal, especially for dinner. Not too familiar with the Boca/Delray area.

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        what time of day will you be ready to eat.

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          not sure the time of the day, we are sort of playing everything by ear. when we're hungry - we'll eat, when we're thirsty - we'll drink, and when there is nothing else left - we'll shop :)

    2. It has been a while since I ate at the cafe at the Morikami, but I thought it was quite good and moderately priced. Very casual.

      1. Can't make suggestions for the area, but the Cafe is nothing out of this world. It's not bad since you get a view of the Gardens while you're eating, but it is not the greatest Japanese food around.

        1. I think Henry's, although certainly far from inexpensive, is excellent. An ocean view is shockingly hard to come by in this area. Closest would be Boston's on A1A and Atlantic in Delray, about 15 minutes drive from Morikami. Very upretentious and pretty good bar type food. Cucina Mia across from Morikami is supposed to be pretty good and reasonably priced but I have no personal experience there.

          1. I worked at henrys for years while I lived in south Florida and I have to agree the food is quite good. I do also really enjoy way beyond bagels for a more sandwich like meal. Those are the two closest places I would consider.