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Sep 15, 2009 05:52 PM

Visiting Mexican Chef

If anyone feels that there is a dearth of Mexican in the city, I just thought I'd mention that a renown Mexican chef, Pilar Cabrera, from Oaxaca, is in town for the month. She was at the Hot and Spicy food fest Iron Chef competition on labour day weekend.

She's doing meals and workshops from what I can tell:

Frida Restaurant, Sept 16

Frank Restaurant, Art Gallery of Ontario, Sept 21

Nella Cucina Cooking School, Sept 22 & 24

Veritas Local Fare, Sept 23

Torito Tapas Bar, Sept 28 (todavia no está promoviendo


The Chef’s House, Sept 29 (todavia no está promoviendo)

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  1. Thank you. Great to know!

    1. I've got tickets to go to the one at the Chef's House George Brown. Looking forward to it

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      1. re: cubmike74

        Cubmike74, can you report back? There was an article in the Star today on her visit, but I'm on a serious budget and can't go...

      2. The dinner at Frida last night was fantastic! Chef Pilar's mole negro was awe-inspiring.

        Anyone who's able to attend any of the remaining dinners should do so, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

        We've already got tickets for the Chef's House dinner, and we might stop in at Torito the night before as well.

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        1. re: gregclow

          Thanks for the feedback, gregclow.
          I am also going to Torito. I can't wait!

        2. I just saw that she will be cooking something with Texas longhorn beef for the Picnic at the Brickworks... YAY!

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          1. She owns a couple of B&B's in Oaxaca, as well as her restaurant, and we stayed in one of them a few years ago for a week. Needless to say, the breakfasts were amazing! Unfortunately I didn't hear about these events until too late, but I'm sure they'd be great.

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            1. re: SusanB

              Friends were at the Veritas event last night and said it was a complete waste of money, in terms of both food and service. They spend 3 months in Mexico every winter and so I passed this info along to them. They were so excited and booked immediately. Too bad, sounds like the chose the wrong resto.