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Sep 15, 2009 05:49 PM

Rosh Hashanah needs

The 'rents are coming into town for the High Holidays, and I need to locate a nice kugel and a round challah to make it a complete meal. And a kosher chicken, but i feel like that should be easier to find. Does anyone have any bakery recommendations in the Fairfax district for quality kugellage?

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  1. I enjoy getting challah from Beverlywood Bakery.

    Joan's on Third is doing a kugel that can be pre-ordered.

    1. The best roast chicken is at Doheny Kosher on Pico. They might have the kugel. If it doesn't have to be strictly kosher go to Beverlywood bakery, or shwartz does a decent challah.

      1. try pico kosher deli on pico/robertson for the kugel. they can probably also sell you a cooked chicken if you need one. any of the bakeries around there can sell you a round challah. Or, try Western Kosher on Fairfax, across the street from Canter's for the chicken if you want to cook the chicken yourself.

        1. The Benes bakeries inside Gelsen's markets make round challas for R.H.

          1. Turns out Fairfax is Sephardic. Kibbeh, bourekas, baklavah? Yes. Kugel was harder to find. In the end, Pico Kosher had a good selection (they didn't even know what they were at Beverlywood). If you're ever in the area, the koobideh kabob is a deal at $4 at Sinai Market.