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Sep 15, 2009 05:24 PM

Cocktails Before Little Fish

I'll have some time to kill before I meet my date at Little Fish Sunday night. Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can go for an early cocktail nearby?

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  1. Go to Southwark at 4th and Bainbridge and get the city's best Manhattan.
    Chick's Wine Bar at 7th and Bainbridge is also good for more inventive cocktails, though I haven't been since their old bartender left. I've heard good things about the new one

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    1. re: jaba

      Agreed on both counts, though like Jaba I haven't been to Chick's since Katie Loeb left.

      1. re: jaba

        I was just there for the first time post-Katie on Saturday night and had a great time. Phoebe is making some excellent cocktails.

        1. re: ethorson

          I like Chick's and Soutwark. I recently went to Southwark and had the best martini. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, New Wave is also a fun place. I've gone there before Little fish for drinks.

      2. southwark makes an excellent Sazerac too.

        1. These are all great recommendations. It will depend on whether or not they are serving around 4:30...

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          1. re: hungry100

            Southwark should be, they serve brunch till 5 on Sunday but their website doesn't say if the bar is open:

            Chick's opens at 5.

            1. re: hungry100

              Ray's Happy Birthday Bar will definitely be open. It's a dive, but a good one.

              1. re: barryg

                Which reminds me of Royal Tavern and The Dive, which I am pretty sure will also be serving at that hour. Another option is 12 Steps Down which is a bit further but maybe on your way to Little Fish.

            2. Just an FYi, Ray's, The Dive and 12 Steps Down all allow smoking, and it's plentiful. Unless you and your date are smokers, I wouldn't recommend meeting up smelling like an ashtray. (No offense to smokers, but even my chain smoking friends have a hard time at these places).

              1. I think Southwark closes right after brunch on Sunday so sadly might not be the best bet. Chicks sounds like a good bet, or I Royal and New Wave are solid bets that are a little more casual. Another thought if you guys are beer people is Brauhaus Schmitz, the new German beer hall on South street... great draft selection if you dig german beer, and then a global bottle list as well.