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Sep 15, 2009 05:18 PM

Gus and Gabriel

Went this weekend. Tried a great Brisket French Dip, "tater tots" that tasted like the best croquetas I've ever had, and one of the most consistently flavorable burgers in the city.

Anyone else?

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  1. I went recently. It was pretty good--and the prices weren't bad at all--but I don't think I'd go out of my way.*

    I had the tater tots, which were very good and interesting, but I kind of prefer my crispy, golden Ore Ida frozen tots. I also had the chicken with potatoes and biscuit, which was decent, if a bit bland.

    *Except for the yummy Olde English 40's.

    1. Pete Wells might disagree with me, but I like the gimmick at Gus & Gabriel's. In a neighborhood with such wide price disparities, it is a relief to have some place with good, comforting food with a twist at an affordable rate. I like their take on tater tots though I agree they could be crispier and the cheese fondue ought to be smoother. The Mexican mac and cheese is delicious and actually has some heat to offer. And where else can I have such a choice of beers in the neighborhood?

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        why is this referred to as a gastro-pub? this menu sounds like TGIFridays.

        1. re: sam1

          The food is pulled off with more success than TGI Fridays. It's pub grub with an interesting tweak like the cumin and pork in the tater tots or the guacamole on the Mexican mac and cheese. Gastropub fare doesn't necessarily need to be flashy.

      2. Comfort food can make adults act like such children. Tell me if this doesn't sound immature: Three grown men dismiss the idea when I order dessert, then when it arrives, grab their spoons and eat half my peanut butter and jelly cupcake.

        Good biscuits, too; wish they were offered by the basket.