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Sep 15, 2009 04:22 PM

Santa Barbara Bar of the past?

Years ago I was at a great bar in a hotel (The American Hotel?) on the main street of Santa Barbara. The ceiling was plastered with an artists caricatures of the patrons. Anyone know of the place?

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  1. Rocky Galenti's- not sure if the spelling is correct. Gone.

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    1. re: JalamaMama

      Gosh, does that bring back memories. Sunday afternoons they had a live band and all the windows open, with a very cool crowd. They had caricatures on the ceiling. I walked by it not too long ago and the sign says its going to be a parking lot. Sigh...

      1. re: JalamaMama

        Remember it well as it went in after they closed the hotel for earthquake problems, but let the bar downstairs continue until it was finally closed. It was known for its brawny bouncers. It was in the Californian Hotel at the bottom of State Street, which after it got condemned became part of a lower State Street redevelopment project that decades later still has not gotten off the ground -- literally, there is a big hole in the ground behind a construction fence.

        The Californian Hotel is boarded up but still standing haunting this prime tourist end of town. The Ritz Carelton was supposed to be part of this project with time shares but I think they pulled out. The original developer finally went bankrupt taking a lot of local people down with him and now the financing party continues to own it. And thus it sits occasionally moving just enough dirt around to keep its building permits active. It is a mess. Good old Rocky's. Never should have closed it. It is a waste of good commercial space if they are never going to get this project going.