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Sep 15, 2009 03:48 PM

Fun restaurants in central DC, for teens and moms

I'm going to be taking my 14 year old and a friend of hers from boarding school to DC next weekend with my sister-in-law. We are all foodies and want great restaurants with some fun atmosphere that would appeal to the teenagers, as well as two moms. Any suggestions?

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  1. Without knowing cuisine or price range it's hard to recommend. However, I think your teens would really like Mie N Yu. Cool atmosphere and some unique food.

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    1. re: Jacey

      We don't really want to restrict it by cuisine and as long as it's not overly expensive its fine. We're really looking for some great restaurant experiences. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. matchbox would be my first guess.

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        Matchbox is a great suggestion-one of my favorite places. Also, how about Coco Sala (esp if you are dessert people- they have 3 course dessert plates, choc tastings, Americanized tapas) or Central?

      2. Depending on cuisine preferences, teens would like Oyamel, Jaleo, Spices, Dino, Busboys and Poets, Bistrot du Coin, Vapiano, Nando's, Acadiana, Pizza Paradisio...I think in general that DC is very teen-friendly.

        1. I bet a group of girls (including teenagers) would love CoCo Sala. You could go for a full meal or just dessert. Other places you guys might like: Central, Cafe Atlantico, Matchbox, Cava, Sette Osteria, and Bistro du Coin.

          Make sure to update us on where you decided to go and what you liked. It's always good to have feedback.

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            These are great suggestions. I'll report in when we return. Thanks!

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              Agree with CoCo Sala, Jaleo, Oyamel and Cafe Atlantico. Would also add Zola as an option. It's got kind of a cool spy theme going for it that I bet teens would like.

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                Good suggestions but I would delete Central and Sette. I don't think a 14 y/o would conisder these fun. I recently took my 15 and 16 y/o cousins visiting to Old Ebbitt Grill. They loved the very DC atmosphere. They said they thought "deals" were being made around them, and they really enjoyed the variety and well-prepared food. It's also very DCish and next to the White House.

                Another suggestion would be the steakhouse at the new W Hotel. Amazing food and not that outrageous prices for a steakhouse.

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                  I've seen lots of teens (and younger children) at Central. Almost every time I go there I see some form of a family--which is pretty neat.

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                    They accomodate families but it's not "fun" like some other restaurant for teen girls. I've taken my cousins there in the past.

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                      I saw Geithner there a few weeks ago and I thought that was pretty fun. Would have thought so as a teenager as well though. I'm sure that gives you an idea of what type of teenager I was haha

              2. For an unforgettable experience try Ching Ching Cha teahouse in Georgetown. Their bento is delicious, atmosphere is great and a perfect place for a light lunch / afternoon snack. Not to mention great tea selection. Also in Georgetown, desserts at Cafe La Rouche.