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Sep 15, 2009 03:11 PM

Around The World Market in Durham, NC

Despite it's name this is realy an Indian-Pakistani store, with a little bit of South African selections (some Indians settled in African countries from British colonial period). This place is 2-3 three times the size of the other Indian stores in Durham, and is much cleaner, neater, more brightly light. The selection of ready-made foods, spices, rices, flours, etc., is quite impressive. Those of you in Durham and Chapel Hill, you won't have to head over to Cary any more-- heck, I like this store more than the Cary Indian stores (although no Cool Breeze).

The store is on NC 54 between Fayetteville St. and NC 55, next to the True Value Hardware store.

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  1. Ready-made foods, as in on-premises? That would be just too good to be true.

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    1. re: durhamois

      I wish! Sorry to get your hopes up. What I meant was frozen foods. Not nearly as good an option as ready-made to go but it is by far the widest selection of frozen Indian foods I've seen in the Triangle. I'd guess they have 10 upright glass freezer cases.

    2. You have made my day! Indian grocery store closer to home (Chapel Hill)--now I need to plan a menu, check recipes and go shopping.

      1. This is a pretty impressive indian grocery. They have a HUGE selection of frozen foods, including this yummy savory lentil cake with curry leaves and coconut chutney that I had never had before. Many brands that I had never seen before. And I think the frozen entrees were priced low, in comparison to what you would pay for frozen Indian entrees at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter. I found it to be a fun place to just walk the aisles and explore the products. And I can't imagine any need to drive to Raleigh for Indian ingredients anymore.

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        1. re: durhamois

          I'm glad you checked it out and liked it. Next time you're there pick up a box of Haldiram's Shan Papri (papdi-- different makers spell it differently). It's a sweet treat unlike anything you've ever tasted. My kids are addicted to it.

          1. re: bbqme

            Speaking of Sweet Treats do they have the Kulfi (I think thats the carrot dessert) or Jalub?

            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              Kulfi is basically an Indian version of pistachio ice cream. What you are thinking of is called gajar (carrot) halwa/halva. I've never heard of jalub? Perhaps you are thinking of golab jamun, which are fried milk balls soaked in sugar syrup?

              Also, apparently this is a second location. The original is in Raleigh.

              6715 Hillsborough St
              Raleigh, NC 27606-1674

              (919) 859-5403‎

              1. re: bbqme

                Yes to the Halwa and yes to the Golab. Thank you.

        2. I just moved to Carrboro and this is wonderful news... now can anyone tell me if there's an outpost of Caspian Market on Capital Blvd here or any middle eastern markets on this end of the triangle....?

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          1. re: lil magill

            What specifically are you looking for? I can't think on any ME markets per se but two places that may carry at least some of the things you are looking for are Med Deli on Franklin St. and Mariakakis market(?) on 15-501/Fordham Blvd. near Eastgate/Trader Joe's.

            1. re: bbqme

              Oh many many thanks, Around the World Market is the best! I bought a ton of spices here, dals, at great prices.

              They have a really interesting selection from South Africa, I enjoyed the chutneys, also I got two Sri Lankan curry powders: sweet!

              In the Frozen foods section, I second "Udipi" veg brand is good. I had very nice Medhu Vadai - lentil doughnuts and Gujarati Pura Poli a bread made from dal and stuffed with nuts. Delicious.

              Now in this same mini strip mall is a tiny Phillipine market. Go in, I know it looks funky and closed but I bought some papaya pickle & Suka Pinakurat, a special spiced Coconut Vinegar, you put it on bbq. Can't wait to try it.

              1. re: Rory

                A belated reply...glad you liked it Rory! Next time you're in there I suggest you try two items. One is a dessert item called Shan Papri (or Papdi), the other is a tangy, sweet dried mango snack called Am (or ambe ) Shatt. Just trust me on these suggestions...

                1. re: Rory

                  Did the South African selection include sausage? Specifically, did you notice if they sell boerewors?

            2. Glad I'm not the only one who likes this gem of a store. I go there for curry leaves and japanese eggplant--something that never looks good in the supermarkets around here. Has anyone tried their frozen paneer? I haven't convinced myself to try and make it fresh at home yet and wouldn't mind trying theirs.

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              1. re: thegourmez

                I use it all the time. It's very good and a huge time saver. My mom makes it and it's a PITA. I also recommend trying the Malaysian style Parathas. They have a sale going on right now where you get 25 for $4.99. Brush with some butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon for a yummy breakfast or with your fave curry for dinner.