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Sep 15, 2009 03:02 PM

Takoyaki in Seattle

Has anyone found Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki in Seattle?

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  1. Maekawa Bar had decent takoyaki the last time I went there.

    Kushibar has takoyaki and okonomiyaki but I do not recommend it. I hear Boom Noodle also has okonomiyaki you should avoid.

    I wish there was a good place for okonomiyaki here. Until then, Uwajimaya has what you need to make it at home.

    1. I've had takoyaki at Maneki in the ID; I liked it but I'm not really an expert. I would think Kaname would have it but I'm not sure.

      I've never seen okonomiyaki anywhere in town. Someone told me that Daimonji in Georgetown had it, but I've driven by there and it seems more like a deli than a restaurant. Descriptions of the dish seem similar to pa joon--I could be wrong--which can be had at many decent Korean restaurants. I like the version at Ka Won.

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        the okonomiyaki base is similar to pa joon but the toppings on okonomiyaki make it a very unique dish. The sweet Japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce, pickled ginger, and bonita flakes create a distinct flavor. I had a good okonomiyaki and takoyaki at Ginza in Bellevue before but I am not sure if it is regularly offered. Boom Noodle's okonomiyaki is actually pretty tasty but it is a bit of overkill. It is loaded with a pulled pork and tons of sauce.

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          Daimonji is a sit down restaurant, albeit a slightly worn, run-down one.
          Their okonomiyaki is ok, and like you said, it's one of the only places in town that offers it.

        2. I liked the takoyaki at Kushibar, thought it was better than kaname, maneki or maekawa, but I might have just hit it on a good day. Okonomayaki at Boom and at Kushi was not ok.

          1. Genki sushi in Queen Anne has takoyaki. They're the convenyor belt sushi place, but their takoyaki is good -- just make sure its fresh. If it sits out too long, its horrible!

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              I agree that the takoyaki at Genki Sushi is pretty darn good when it's fresh. They also have a cheap and decent chawan mushi.

              Wann Japanese Izakaya also has takoyaki but I haven't tried it. I have tried the takoykaki at Sushiland which was nowhere near as good as Genki.

            2. Thanks for all the ideas and replies.