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Sep 15, 2009 02:57 PM

Cooking classes | San Francisco

I have been searching the boards to find informations or listings on cooking classes in/around San Francisco, but have not found anything yet, so here's a shout out to all ChowHounds:

what's your favorite cooking school or cooking class story?

I got hooked to the concept after signing up for a "Cooking of Rome" class a couple of months ago - offered by CookwithJames I happened to read about it just has the husband and I were getting ready to leave for Rome - so perfect timing!

After much hesitation on the husband's part ("I will NOT attend a cooking class"), it turned out to be such a fun night!
Not only did we learn to make some amazing (& rather easy) Roman dishes,
it was just so fun to cook the recipes along with a small group of people
- and then sit down together to enjoy the meal, in our case:
Spaghetti Carbonara & Saltimboca Alla Romana,
two dishes we have made many times since attending the class!

Participation was optional at this class, but I definitely liked that aspect!

Cook with James
San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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  1. Tante Marie's Cooking School is a great school. Not only do they offer two professional six month culinary programs, but they also offer individual classes taught by some of San Francisco's leading chefs. They also host cooking parties for up to 20 people which are a lot of fun.

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      Anyone taken their pizza making class?

    2. If you change the search to relevance there are lots of posts about cooking classes. It comes up about once a month. This should get you started

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        Thanks, rworange, that little search tweak did the trick
        - I was already wondering why there were no cooking class posts.

        And a quick cooking class update:
        a CookwithJames gift voucher for two made the perfect wedding gift.
        Just heard back from newly wed friends who had a blast at their first cooking together last week ...

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          1. The classes offered at Fresh Starts Cooking school through the Homeward Bound program in Marin are the best kept secret in town. Most classes are offered at around $50 and are taught by exciting, well known chefs. I attended a class given by Heidi krahling of Insalata's and it was fantastic. Not only is the class taught in a state-of the art facility, all students are given a full meal featuring the recipes learned in the class. And, all proceeds benefit the Homeward Bound programs. Aida Mollenkamp is doing a class in August.