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Sep 15, 2009 02:34 PM

Top 10 Fave French Fries in L.A.

Here are LA Weekly's top 10 french fry spots (alphabetically):

1. Church & State
2. Comme Ça
3. Father's Office
4. Golden State
5. Hungry Cat
6. Musso & Frank Grill
7. Nook
8. Oinkster
9. Skooby's
10. Wurstküche

They also listed their two runner up fries as Campanile and Umami Burger.

Anyone have any oversights? I've had a weird soft spot for the ones at Cafe Dahab, but mostly because I'll dip anything crunchy and salty into a garlic dip and be happy.

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  1. i might get killed for bringing up a fast food chain...but something about del taco fries..i cant get enough of them!

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        They make something edible at Del Taco? Who knew?

        1. re: noahbites

          speaking of fast food fries..el pollo loco are surprising good...

          1. re: dendet

            Yuk! El Pollo. Something about the oil they use bothers me.

            1. re: ReelMike84

              everything about the oil bothers me. duck fat all the way!

    1. A seriously great list. One other place we really like the fries at is San Francisco Saloon on Pico Blvd. (just a little west of Sawtelle/405 Frwy) in WLA.

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      1. re: Servorg

        I've driven past there so many times. Is anything else there worth eating?

        1. re: noahbites

          The burger can be pretty decent. Go for happy hour.

          1. re: noahbites

            Any time you want to grab a burger, I'm in. It can be a little hit or miss, but sometimes they're able to nail it and cook it to rare perfection.

        2. I'm surprised Jar didn't make the list. Their fries are terrific, especially teamed with the Lobster bernaise sauce on the side. Agree with Comme Ca being on the list -- their fries are pretty good as well, but not as crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside as those at Jar. (I suspect Jar soaks the fries in water for a bit,then twice fries them to get that effect -- I know that is the only way I've been able to get that texture and crunch at home.)

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          1. re: BHAppeal

            Jar's is my absolute favorite. Nothing compares, at least in my mind. But I like Church and State's as well. Also agree with FO's sweet potato fries but disagree with Comme Ca. Didn't like theirs at all, unless things have changed drastically since the last time I've been.

            1. re: baloney

              The one time I tried Comme Ca, the fries were way over cooked, hard, dark awful.

              1. re: rednyellow

                Maybe time to give 'em one last taste test and see if that was an aberration...

                1. re: Servorg

                  The fries I like best in L.A. that are consistently good are at The Kitchen in Silverlake.
                  I like wurstkuche too. At the price Comme Ca charges, and as poor as the rest of the meal was, I wont be going back.

          2. I would've included 25 Degrees, Laurel Tavern and Boneyard Bistro.

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            1. re: maxzook

              Laurel tavern's are too potato-y for me, not enough crisp and fry, if that makes sense. But I'll 2nd 25 Degrees. They're addictive.

            2. Glad they included Musso-Frank's but they might have mentioned that there are two kinds of fries there. You can order steak fries or shoestrings.

              Skooby's are great, too. I didn't care for the fries I got the one time at Hungry Cat but then the whole experience was so unpleasant that it was like they were doing everything wrong that day. (The chef got my entree wrong. We sent it back. They got it wrong again. We sent it back. They got it wrong again. We sent it back. It finally came out right but lousy.)

              The only other place on the list I've been is Father's Office, which I disliked so much that I don't even remember the fries.

              One place I really like the fries is Tusquella's, the seafood place in Farmers Market. Their fish is only so-so but the fries, when they're fresh, are quite good.