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Sep 15, 2009 02:29 PM

Indian or other fab food near a Northern Line stop (London)

My husband wants Indian food when we come to London, but we need to entertain a relative who, due to time constraints, asked that we pick a place on the Northern Line. Have read all the posts and all the best places, Indian or otherwise, seem to be somewhere else altogether. Any recommendations? Indian preferred but not absolutely totally required. Thanks in advance for helping me out of this dilemma:)

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  1. Somewhere in Tooting? Kastoori perhaps? quite far down the northern line though...

    Or Hot Stuff - Nearer vauxhall but not too far from Oval...

    1. It really depends on which end of the Northern Line you're going to! Anyway if you're going up north the Bengal Lancer near Kentish Town tube is excellent. Here it is:

      I really recommend the liver hasri.

      1. and if you're looking south i'd go to the kastoori in tooting and make sure you order the tomato curry.

        1. Thanks all - the more central to northern end of the Northern Line... I should have said so...

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            very central - walkable from charing cross or leicester square is chowki which i really like. they focus on 3 different regions (it changes which ones) and then tailor the breads, dals, rices and curries which are on offer to reflect this.

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              I just also thought - Drummond Street. Short walk from Euston. A number of nice places there for vegetarian Indian food - dosas, dhals etc.

              Also if you do head to Drummond Street there are a few good sweet shops. I like Ambala, great Jalebi, Rasmalai and Ladoos. They do good samosas too.

            2. I love Ragam on Cleveland St in Fitzrovia - a two minute walk from the Goodge St tube station. Doesn't look much from the outside but very, very good food.