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Sep 15, 2009 02:24 PM

Nashville on Sunday

I'll be in Nashville several days next month and wanted to get some recommendations. We are staying downtown and would prefer to eat there, but we will have a car and will drive for something special. Also, my wife will be there and her birthday is on Sunday, so if anyone has a rec for a nice meal at a place open on Sundays that would be great. We'll eat whatever, as long as it's good, and we're wine drinkers so a good list is a big bonus. From looking at the board, these seem to be a good starting point: Flyte, Restaurant Zola, Margot (although they have a Sunday brunch that we will probably do instead of dinner on another night), City House, Park Cafe, Watermark, Capitol Grille, Lime, Tayst, and Bound'ry. Favorites from those? Other suggestions? It appears at least Bound'ry and City House are open on Sundays. Also, I need two suggestions for lunch downtown during the week. Monell's and something else?

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  1. Yeah, Sundays in Nashville are tough, in terms of finding places that are open for supper. You are correct that of the ones you listed, only City House and the Bound'ry are open on Sunday nights. Of those two, I would pick City House. But another option might be to have nice birthday brunch. There are several great Sunday brunch options in Nashville. My favorites are Germantown Cafe, Miel, Margot, and especially Tin Angel. None of these are too far from downtown.

    In terms of weekday downtown lunch options, I recommend that you hit up the Arcade, which runs between 4th and 5th Avenues North. There you will find Manny's House of Pizza, which is really great NY-style pizza. And the Peanut Shop is there too. I am also sentimentally fond of Varallo's Chili Parlor on 4th Ave N. It's the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Nashville, I believe. Demos' on 3rd Ave N is a solid lunch option. And of course there are options on Lower Broadway, too - Jack's Barbecue is decent, Merchant's is pretty good. The other side of Broadway has Past Perfect. But if I had to recommend just one place for lunch near downtown, it would be Arnold's on 8th Ave S. Go to Arnold's.

    1. An often overlooked lunch spot is the Sobro Grill in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Great regional treats from the folks who run the Loveless Cafe, roving guitar virtuoso Dave Anderson, in a great museum combine for a truly unique Nashville experience.

      1. We went to City House last night for my wife's birthday and had a great meal. We shared an excellent cauliflower salad. I also had pork patty melt that had an unbelievably lush texture. The pork meatballs in ragu shared that same great texture, but it was a little salty for my taste. That was the only off note of the meal, and even that is only nitpicking. We shared deserts - a chocolate cake and an apple crisp with poppyseed ice cream. Both were excellent. The wine list was interesting as well, with an emphasis on Italy. A fun place and great food. I can't recommend City House highly enough.

        City House
        1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

        1. I, too, ate at City House last night and it was wonderful. Sat at bar, had a great bottle of wine, collard greens, pigs ears and pizza, oh and dessert! Loved the vibe and the food was very good. I have eaten there four times and three out of the four meals were winners. I am sure the recent blip in the Nashville Scene's BON have made Sunday nights a popular night at City House.

          1. The Mad Platter is open on Sundays 5-9. They have a small but decent wine list, and the menu is diverse, elegant and thougtful. My husband & I eat here every month or so, always on Sunday. It's usually very relaxed, and the food is consistenly awesome. We learned it's best to call ahead for a table, though, as we once had to wait about 20 minutes to order---but the server did tell us it would take that long to get to us as a large party had just been seated and two more reservations were expected at any moment. She did get us drinks and bread, and the rack of lamb I had that night was incredible and worth the wait. I recommend The Mad Platter heartily!