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Sep 15, 2009 02:23 PM

Your favorite Ethiopian place??

We will be in DC for Columbus Day weekend and are looking forward to the great food. We've eaten at Zed's and loved it (it was our first and only Ethiopian restaurant experience) but realize that there seems to be a big debate among CHers between Dukum, Etete, and Zed's - although Zed's seems to be a little lower on this list.. I've looked at both menus online, both look great so how to choose??? And are there any others I'm missing? Give me your best argument for your favorite!

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  1. Search the board. It's been discussed to death.

    1. Etete and, across the street, Queen Makeda are the best. At Etete, go for a vegetarian paltter, the Derek Tibs, and add the fish for about about a buck or two. At Queen makeda, ask for the shiro, red lentils, greens and go for the goden goden or kitfo, lightly cooked (these can be eaten raw or fully cooked as well). If you go to Etete, call first as it is very popular.