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Sep 15, 2009 01:44 PM

Carmen's Closed

Carmen's (steak) has been closed for the summer to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
I called today to make a reservation and the owner has decided to close permanently.
Can anyone recommend another steak house with similar price range/value.

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  1. Carmen's was not cheap despite its touted "all-inclusive" meals which, imho, had deteriorated significantly from its glory days. Certainly I remember fondly many happy dinners there in the 70's and 80's - but three recent experiences had made me regret the time capsule was still in business.

    You could eat very well at Barberian's, Elm just W of Yonge, for about the same price if you order judiciously. They too offer really good garlic toast and a plate of relishes. Their atmosphere is not as tacky - Group of Seven paintings rather than beer steins decorate its walls ! and a world-class wine list. But it is family run, low ceilinged, friendly and unpretentious.

    Down a notch would be Senior's at Pleasant Blvd , upstairs 1 block S of St Clair just E of Yonge. Again family run, relishes and garlic toast presented ad lib with the bonus of a toothsome greek salad also on the house; good steaks - no Group of Seven and none of Aaron B's famed wine list, but a pleasant family-style dining room with happy, relaxed service and low-cost wines.

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      Barberians is not pretentious? Get real! Welcome to hokumville! A stockbroker appreciates the subtlety of an expensive bottle of wine with his piece of grilled meat? The working hypothesis is that everything but the meat is overpriced crap. It wasn't always like this.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I cannot comment on the food, but the new renovations at Harbour 60 are quite outstanding.

        I was there for the 10th anniversay party last week.

      2. I personally like Hy's.
        I went to harbour sixty a while back for a friends birthday. I felt like I had been robbed when I left, truly left with a sick feeling in my stomach. Dinner was ridiculously expensive, the food was good I give it that but nothing that justified the insane bill that we received.

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          I went to Hy's a little while ago and was impressed by the incredible disparity between the beautiful decor and appallingly awful food.

          I agree with you that Harbour Sixty is an insane rip-off. I do not agree that the food is good.

        2. In terms of old-school appeal and the tradition that goes along with Carmen's, I would go for either Seniors or House of Chan. I prefer Seniors for the steak and my husband prefers the other. Seniors is not as formal as Carmen's but really, all the do is steak and they do it well vs. Chan which also does chinese food. And although Seniors may look a little cheap and run down, on any given night you will find some of the "old boys" of Toronto chowing down there. A hidden classic, IMHO.

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          1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

            But where would you go to replace the Garlic at Carmen's.

            I enjoyed the food (even the burnt garlic bread) but really went for the non-stop garlic!