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Sep 15, 2009 01:43 PM

Can I refrigerate tomatoes prior to canning?

I need to wait until the weekend to can, but have a peck of tomatoes now. Can I refrigerate them without sacrificing flavor?


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  1. Are they is such fragile condition that they can't sit on the counter. Most tomatoes will last a week without refrigerating.

    1. There was a recent thread that came to the conclusion that the tomatoes' texture and flavor will suffer due to refrigeration. I wouldn't refrigerate tomatoes, even prior to canning them.

      1. I just bought a bunch for this weekend's efforts and plan to leave them in the empty closed canning pot to keep the fruit flies away. Definitely put them in the coolest place in the house. Unless they are soft, split or otherwise might suffer before Saturday in which case I would put them in the fridge.

        1. no. there's an enzyme that switches off at reefer temps and affects the flavor. this enzyme will not reverse at higher temps. it'd be a waste imo.

          1. Ok, thanks you guys! I think we have a consensus.