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Sep 15, 2009 01:04 PM

A can opener that can open Thai curries and Mexican menudos?

I have an OXO ergonomic opener that will BARELY (if at all) open my canned goods from Thailand and Mexico - cans that have a shorter metal top that American cans. I've tried other openers and thrown them out as they don't work either. Any ideas? Certainly I'm not the only one with this problem!?

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  1. lol -
    I know of what you speak. Not ten minutes ago, I opened up a can of maesri red curry paste. I have the oxo as well. But I keep a standard cheapish Farberware can opener for those things

    1. If this is one of those that cuts the top plate then get one that cuts the sides.

      And vice versa.

      And your opener must be better than one of those keyed wind-round death traps they have on luncheon meat cans.

      1. I've yet to find the can my Zyliss Safe Edge opener can't dispatch. It also does a good job on the big oval cans of sardines -- something I always had problems with before.