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Sep 15, 2009 01:01 PM

Dinner in Lafayette, Louisiana

Ideas for dinner when I won't tolerate touristy spots?

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    1. re: mrsfury

      My current Lafayette dinner rotation:

      Pamplona, Charley G's and Marcello's

      1. re: mrsfury

        I love Cafe des Amis, but if they can't tolerate a tourist spot, this probably isn't the place for them.

      2. Fezzo's for real Cajun food (in Scott, which is part of Lafayette parish); Poorboy's Riverside Inn for a good dinner; Southside Bakery for their serious hamburgers; Jolie's or Blue Dog Cafe; everyone raves about Prejean's but having grown up a couple miles behind it I can say it isn't the end all be all; for an authentic Lafayette "plate lunch" try Noah's on Ambassador Caffery; best poboys at either Olde Tyme Grocery or Chris'; zydeco brunch at Cafe Des Amis; there are plenty of others...but these will get you started! Ask your server to recommend their favorites, too.

        1. Riverside Inn is my favorite restaurant in lafayette. Des Amis is touristy and isn't great. Charley G's is good. I'd go to T' Coon's for a plate lunch, but there's tons of good plate lunch places.

          1. Try the crabcakes and the white chocolate bread pudding at Cafe Vermilionville.