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Sep 15, 2009 12:33 PM

Where do we eat tonight? Lower Westchester, 2 adults, one toddler

So we have 3 places in all of westchestert hat we go to. 121 becasue we have horses that live up there, F.I.S.H., and Ruby's in Rye.

YAWN. And we really want to go out tonight!

But we have some food restrictions, and it makes eating at any old place a little difficult.

We're looking for something that has either GREAT fresh seafood, or a more organic/farm to table o r bistro feel. Our toddler does not eat "kids menu" foods and we also enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Seriously, we'd eat at BlueHill nightly if we could afford it so something along those lines? And yet, toddler friendly...well behaved toddler but still a 2 year old boy.

5 dinner time is perfect


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  1. For a slightly different take, the same group that owns Ruby's in Rye owns The Rye Grill (at the train station) and Morgans ( on the side street). The food is similar but a little different. Morgans is maily fish, Rye Grill has a little bit of everything--burgers, fish, salads, chicken.

    1. Like you, we'd eat at Stone Barns nightly if possible, and have a now 8 year old who never reads a childrens menu. Here are a few selections you might enjoy.

      The Tap House in Tuckahoe is a "gastropub" type of place with varried food selections, including some local emphasis. Although you enter through the bar area, it is huge and they usually seat families in the big back room.

      The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry has great food, very farm to table, with pastas, cheeses, and fresh vegetables. My daughter loved the wild mushroom ravioli she had there. It is a little noisy, but then you don't worry about a kid bothering others.

      Ebb Tide in Port Chester is a fish shack on the water where you can eat indoors or on the deck. My daughter loves the lobster rolls.

      Peniche in White Plains - - the three of us choose a variety of the tapas here and can actually have a pretty affordable, varied meal. Just go earlier or ask for a table in the back as it can get pretty loud and the front tables have high stools that may be hard for your child to sit on.

      Oh, and we often go to the cafe at Stone Barns for weekend lunch.

      Those are our top four central/lower westchester suggestions.

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        stone barns is so boring. another vegetable on a nail please?? The highlight of the night was the tea service. other than that great list except ebb tide. it's so marginal especially in a food town like pc...

        1. re: cubanat

          I don't get Ebb Tide. The food is mediocre and not consistent. It is NOT a good value. The place itself doubles as a bait shop or is it a bait shop doubling as a restaurant? Who likes this place?