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Sep 15, 2009 12:27 PM

best wine bar...La Cremerie/Verre Vole/ Les papilles

Looking for a good wine bar (with some food) I had three recommmended, but can only go to one....the big question is which one?

La Cremerie
Verre Vole
Les papilles

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  1. Don't know La Cremerie but of the other two Les Papilles blows VV away. Also check out Juveniles and Fish.

    1. None of those really is a wine bar -- they' re wine restaurants. I agree with Jock and I would add Racines and I Golosi to the list.

      For actual wine bar, check out Willy's Wine Bar (where of course you can also eat).

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      1. re: souphie

        perfect, sounds like Les Papilles is the way to go. Is it the kind of place that i should make a reservation at?

        1. re: pscurfield

          Always everywhere if for no other reasons than that you are recognized, get a good table and it's common courtesy.

          John Talbott

          1. re: John Talbott

            John is absolutely right. Always, always always make a reservation if you can. That goes anywhere in the world. Not just Paris.

      2. Of all mentioned above I'd go (regardless of wine bar vs wine with food) with Les Racines, then Les Papilles.

        John talbott

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        1. re: John Talbott

          We tried Racines a few weeks ago and thought it was very, very over rated, and one of the poorest value meals of our week. We had a 1:30 lunch table by which time one of the starters and one of the mains had gone, that only left a choice of two salads to start, and two mains. My tomato salad was fine, but average compared to "Frenchie" the day before. The mains of duck and fish were also fine with the same good vegetables, although my duck was slightly overcooked (because I am not French?) especially compared to other tables. So far, good but not outstanding food and at a high price as there was no "menu".

          But that was the good bit, cheese was plain parmesan, I like parmesan but if you are serving it in a restaurant it needs lifting, some aged balsamic for example. Dessert, was a chocolate tart, but that had all gone! I was about to suggest having one of the cremé brulée the chef was finishing off when suddenly the waiter "found" a dessert; I have my suspicions it was destined for the staff lunch that had started.

          However the worst bit was the wine. We were recommended a red, it was decanted, but one sniff told us it was obviously corked. It was changed, but the waiter told us it wasn't corked, simply organic wines needed time to open up and it would be fine that evening. I suspect someone "enjoyed" it that evening. Not a wine bar I would recommend.

          I had really been looking forward to my meal here, but was dissapointed. Do the rave reviews all come from females who are smitten by the chef...?

          1. re: PhilD

            Completely concur with Phil. IMO Racines is the single most overrated wine bar in Paris. Food mediocre at the very best and the wines less than mediocre. (Organic does not automatically translate to good.) Worst of all an "attitude" and I am not talking about a "Parisian" attitude which by the way I consider to be a myth.

            1. re: jock

              I actually feel the same way as you guys. But so many people just love it that I got impressed. Don't tell anyone, I'll know it's you.

              1. re: souphie

                I can plead no such coersion or changement of sentiment; I rated it a 5.7 and two of my favorite food-ladies and I thought much of it. There was no "attitude" problem towards us, nor had there been at La Cremerie before.
                Sure we're not talking about Pudlo's rave of the year 2008, Les Racines in the 6th?

                John Talbott

                1. re: John Talbott

                  John - I was talking about Racines in the 2eme (8, Passage Panoramas). Is there one in the 6eme...?

                  I know Pierre Jancou was a La Cremerie in the 6eme some time but he moved 18 months ago didn't he? Does he still have links?

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Just tweaking you.
                    No idea, I do believe he left it completely.