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Sep 15, 2009 12:17 PM

Dine LA 2009 - Restaurant Week

Hey guys,

Just curious what everyone is thinking of the DINE LA list this year (and the menus, of course). Any favorites? Any musts?

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  1. excited to see michael mina on there. too bad no menu's are posted yet. i try to do 1 every time dineLA shows up.
    this year i will go to michael mina and grace. hope their menu for this will be worthwhile.

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    1. re: samtron608

      I did the DineLA @ Grace during the last week and enjoyed the meal very much. However, I do recall hearing that some of the waitstaff do not enjoy 'restaurant week'. But I did not experience that in the least, service was terrific.

      I'm bummed that the Bazaar is not on the list this time - they were last time and we had to cancel our reservations last minute - still haven't been!

      Though they aren't listed yet, make sure to check out the menus before you decide as they alone can be a dealbreaker generally. Seems a little late to not have the menus listed though....

    2. A more complete listing is up, and many of the restaurants now have their menus available. I'm trying to select a place for a double-date dinner with some friends. I'm torn between Grace, Bashan, Craft, Maison Akira, Jiraffe, Josie, Bazaar, The Foundry on Melrose, and XIV. We are not picky eaters, and are looking for great food. Thanks!

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        oh was Bazaar added just recently? if so, great and I think that's the one you should do - I've heard only great things about the food. I haven't been to many of those on your list, sadly, but for those I have: the food and service at Grace is really really good - and the bartender a doll; I've only had drinks at Craft but I've heard that people really like the outdoor Craftbar menu; I haven't been to the Foundry in a while but enjoyed it the first few times and if you like Jazz, they have a jazz combo there - not sure of the schedule but check their website. Hope that helps a little!

        1. re: cinzia

          It does! Thanks!
          My only hesitiation about the Bazaar is I remember last time (October 2008) someone mentioned that the doing the DineLA plan was actually more expensive than ordering off the menu normally, and if that's the case, I'd rather save the Bazaar for another occasion. I'm leaning heavily towards Grace, and the Grace menu looks more exciting than the Foundry. I think I'm only interested in the Foundry because Eric Greenspan will be on the Next Iron Chef show on the Food Network starting this Sunday and Craft, of course, because Tom Colicchio is great on Top Chef.

          1. re: attran99

            I did DineLA there earlier this year and it was actually a good deal. you got a philly cheesesteak amuse, three tapas, and a dessert. I think even if you pick the cheapest tapas, it was still worth your money. The Bazaar and Wilshire were my two best DineLA experiences in Feb, and Valentino was the most disappointing. I have reservations at Spago next week and am planning to do Craft as well. Still trying to decide on the rest...

            1. re: mollyomormon

              Thanks for the tip! I'm going with people who are not as foodie as me...was it enough food for the price?

              1. re: attran99

                It was enough food for the price (unlike Valentino where we went home and had a mini-meal after) and I think it's actually a good place to take non-foodies because the food is so much fun and the setting is great. It's more typical dishes reimagined (think their take on philly cheesesteaks and caprese salad), than it is more challenging food like offal that might scare non-foodies off.

                1. re: mollyomormon

                  The Bazaar it is. Reservations made, and I'm totally excited! I've been wanting the philly cheesesteak since I saw Jose Andres feed it to Tony Bourdain on No Reservations. I remember seeing a video of Michael Voltaggio demonstrate the Dragon's Breath popcorn on the L.A. Times website, too. Were you able to pick any of the tapas or were the selections based of a smaller list?

                  1. re: attran99

                    Fun! You may have convinced me that I need to go again for this Dine LA.

                    You're able to choose from almost everything, although stuff like the jamon iberico (understandably) is unavilable. Also, the foie gras pops are something like $5 and you can add those as a supplement (wouldn't make sense to have as a course).

                    If this is your first time, the cocktails are definitely worth getting!

                    1. re: attran99

                      I thoroughly enjoyed The Bazaar at the last Dine LA and have been going back many times. However, the menu choices on the Dine LA website doesn't represent their best dishes this time.

                      1. re: fdb

                        I just checked that and I'm wodering if the website is correct. If it is, then it's probably not worth doing DIne LA at the Bazaar...

                        1. re: fdb

                          I made a res too - very excited. But if you check the dinela site again (re the menu) I think it says something to the effect of 'these are representative, the full menu is avaiable' or something like that.

                          1. re: cinzia

                            Okay good. I think the site reflected the same menu for Bazaar last go round of Dine LA, but the full menu was available.

          2. Per Grace, promotion is running all month long for Dine LA so I've booked them later in the month. I'm thinking for my other reservation for either Foundry (mid course equals 4 courses) or Vinoteque cause it seems like a good deal for $26. Any thoughts between the 2? I heard Foundry's service can be pretty lacking sometimes.

            1. The Petrossian Cafe has been thoroughly revamped this year -- expanded space, new manager, new chef. I stopped by a few nights ago to pick up some tidbits for late-night dining and met the new man running the kitchen, Benjamin Bailly, and the very helpful and professional staff. Bailly mentioned they would be participating in dineLA Restaurant Week and showed me an appealing menu that includes a foie gras salad, black truffle mac & cheese, and artichoke, mushroom, and pine-nut risotto that uses carnaroli instead of arborio. (Check the link in the OP.)

              For you Joël Robuchon fans, Bailly helped him open L'Atelier in Vegas, Tokyo, London, etc., which is reason enough for curiosity about what he's doing for Petrossian.

              321 N Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

              1. just returned from Grace. their choices are plentiful. the dineLA website for GRACE only shows 3 items per group. if you go to Grace's website you will see that their DINE LA choices are plentiful. i say there are at least 8 appetizers to choose from and 10 entrees. we couldnt choose just one of each so we did their "tasting menu" for about $20 more than the dinela price. well worth it.

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                1. re: samtron608

                  Thanks for reporting back. Grace was on my short list and you just sealed it for me.