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Sep 15, 2009 12:13 PM

Favorite rice crispy treat recipe?

I am looking for a good rice crispy treat recipe (or some variation thereof) to make for a bake sale. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I plan to make something which can be cut into squares. I don't plan to put them on sticks.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      The PB variation sounds yummy. If this is a school bake sale, however, the OP may need to steer clear of peanuts due to school allergy rules.

      1. re: ChristinaMason

        well, schools usually provide guidelines ahead of time for these things, so i'm sure the OP took that into consideration if it was necessary. this thread is from a year ago so it's obviously too late to do anything about it now, but it's certainly good for everyone to keep in mind going forward.

    2. My favorite is the basic recipe but I usually also make a chocolate chip version. For that one I make the basic recipe and after mixing in the marshmallows I add a 6 ounce bag of semi sweet chocolate chips.

      You can add any kind of chip I suppose, or m & ms too.

      I had also discussed next time adding in peanut butter. You can google peanut butter marshmallow krispie squares and a whole bunch of recipes will come up.

      I find that people love rice crispy treats, they are always first to go when I bring them to a party.

      1. Replace half the butter with chunky peanut butter

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        1. re: todao

          and replace the other half of butter with bacon fat

            1. re: pacheeseguy

              Wow -- I never have seen a recipe using bacon fat for rice crispy treats.

              1. re: shorty68

                first i'm hearing of it too...but with bacon showing up in everything these days - from chocolate bars to donuts to ice cream - someone was bound to do it!

              2. re: todao

                That's not nearly enough PB; the recipe doesn't call much butter. I prefer to just stir a big gob of PB into the melting marshmallow/butter mixture. Best paired with chocolate, of course. I don't even really like RK treats, but with choc. and PB, they're good.

              3. These bars are fantastic. They taste like 'Eatmore' chocolate bars. Not good for peanut allergies though. They are billed as 'energy bars' but don't taste like them...


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                1. re: beggsy

                  Do these freeze well? This looks like a granola bar recipe to me.

                  1. re: shorty68

                    They are billed as 'energy bars', and yes, they freeze very well. You can also use any nut (or combination of nuts) and any dried fruit you like. They are really, really goo.

                  2. re: beggsy

                    These look really good! Am I right in assuming the cocoa is unsweetened baking cocoa? Thanks.

                  3. White Chocolate Macadamia
                    Try replacing some of the melted marshmallow with melted white chocolate. If the recipients like nuts, try adding macadamia nuts as well.

                    White Chocolate Raspberry
                    Melt some raspberry preserves in with the marshmallows and butter, then stir in chopped white chocolate at the end.

                    Mocha Chip
                    Mix some espresso powder into the marshmallow/butter, and stir in chocolate chips at the end.

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                    1. re: Emme

                      Which recipe is your favorite?

                      1. re: shorty68

                        personally i love the combo of raspberries and white chocolate...