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Sep 15, 2009 12:09 PM

Pokemon cake

It's my son's birthday soon, and he lives in the world of Pokemon. Anyone with a child in this age group will know how much the "little" things in life are all consuming. Does anyone know of a bakery in NDG or downtown or somewhere relatively close that would make a pokemon cake. I looked at Loblaws and the bakery in the Cavendish mall, and they don't have that in their repertoire.

We are going through a huge upheaval in our lives right now, and well, whatever I can do to make my son happy, I will do.


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  1. There's a woman in the West Island that does custom cakes (nut-free) and can probably do a Pokemon cake with no problem - it would be a photo screened onto the cake. However, it's pricey. And for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it - I haven't ordered from there in years. Does anyone else know the name of the place I'm talking about?

    1. I'm 99% sure Dairy Queen still has Pokeman cakes available...expensive though (and good I might add).

      This coming from the father of a 3 year old who is obsessed with Pac Man. I made his cake myself...made a round one, cut out one slice, iced it up, and voila!

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        He's not really into ice cream or ice cream cakes unfortunately - and when I was there this summer, there seemed to be a predominance of Hanna Montana cakes.

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          PartyWorld in Lachine on St Jacques has a woman who makes cakes for their parties. Same thing, she takes photos and screens it on the cake. I don't eat cake, but I was told it was very good (from both parents and kids). Have ordered from them 2x. 514-363-9111. Good luck, hope everything works out for you.

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            Thanks. I will call her. As far as things working out, well, that's a whole other ball of wax.

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              You could always get a nice cake and then put little Pokemon figures on it as decorations. There's a shop on St-Laurent in Chinatown that has a good selection, below La Gauchetiere. Although you may know that already! At least there is something left to play with after eating the cake.

      2. I ordered a cake with a photo screened on it from Adonis on Blvd des Sources. It was for my daughter's 16th and I photoshopped her face into my drivers license (and had her name substituted for mine). They did a great job. And the cake was delicious.

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            Very cool licence cake! I think they have Pokemon designs in the Adonis cake book, btw.

        1. A woman who works with my friend (in the west island) makes cakes on the side. She made one for my bf's 40th. It had a late 1950's fender stratocaster on it ,authentic enough that he recognized what it was right away. The cake looked amazing, but also tasted great. I am not a cake eater and I couldn't get enough of it. Everyone loved it. If it's not too late and you're interested email me and I'll get her info for you. I will never go anywhere else for another cake. rlbutler11@yahoo.com

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