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Sep 15, 2009 11:20 AM

Limited time in Birmingham - Looking for the best

I'm going to be spending a short time in B'ham this weekend. I'll be flying in from LA on Friday evening and will have sporadic time to explore through Sunday. I am looking for recommendations specifically for dinner on Friday (I land around 8.30 and don't know what will still be open) and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. I would like to try the local fare or generally anything that is great. I don't really have a price range, but I'm open to any kind of atmosphere or price range.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Dinner Friday night: Either the bar at Highlands Bar and Grill--; or, Jinsei at SOHO in Homewood if you like sushi. They do not have a web site, but see:

    Breakfast options are limited, especially on Sundays. But, two good options for brunch are Chez Lulu--; or Za Za Trattoria:

    1. Will you have a rental car? Unfortunately, you can't really stand on a street corner and hail a taxi here, so you might need to limit your exploration to foot travel if you won't have a car. Where will you be staying in Bham?

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        I actually planned for that kind of a scenario. I will have a car and will be staying at a Courtyard Marriot in Homewood.

        I had heard good things about Green Acres Cafe?

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          If you like Italian, I recommend Gianmarco's. They are located in Homewood and seat until 10:00.

          I second pinotboy's recommendation of Highlands Bar & Grill. Fabulously famous around these parts. Chef/owner Frank Stitt was up for a James Beard award this year.

          I'd also recommend Ocean. You'd literally ahve to drive past it from the airport to Homewood and they're open 'til 10:30.

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            If you mean the original, their hours of operation seem to change based on mood. I would not set my heart on it for the chicken wings.

        2. I am a snob about my food and have been living in Birmingham now several years from Colorado, California, and New Orleans. I agree with other posters about Frank Stitt's places both Highlands and Bottega are great- local and whenever I have people in from out of town they are impressed. Chef Chris Hastings Hot and Hot Fish Club is also an excellent choice and finally Chef Chris Dupont's- Cafe Dupont is very good. All of these places will serve you late and if your plane gets delayed Bottega Cafe will stay open serving until 11:00 PM. Because this is the bible belt you will have difficulty on Sunday but I second the suggestion of Chez Lulu-make sure you get directions so you don't get lost.

          1. I agree with everybody's suggestions. If the President of the US came to Birmingham, I think most people would take him to Highland's Bar and Grill. Chef/owner, Frank Stitt is a Bham legend and his Highland's Bar and Grill is almost a landmark! His other restaurants, Bottega and Chez Fon Fon (located right next door to Highland's) are also very good and are more relaxed, in my opinion. I'm not aware of any dress code for any of the 3.

            Don't forget that Bham doesn't have taxis buzzing around. But if you just call ahead, you'll get around just fine.. I hope you enjoy Birmingham:)