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Sep 15, 2009 11:14 AM

Zi Pizza

I'm having some friends over for a poker party this week and I'm going to order pizza. Has anyone tried Zi Pizza? There's a new one that opened recently on Anderson Ln. and I thought I might try it if it's any good. I think there's another location somewhere in town. Thanks!

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  1. Well the owners are super nice (carried out my pizza to the car for me since I had my baby with me and it had started raining while we were waiting) and it's very affordable but the pizza was not very good. We ordered a veggie and one with chorizo, pastor, and other stuff. Both had a very off taste that we couldn't place. The crust was decent but the sauce was weird- not pizza like at all. I really wanted to like the place since its walkable from my house but as nice as the owners are we won't be going back.

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      Thanks for the report sgarland!

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        FALSE, I got a large chorizo, pastor, onion, and cilantro pizza (one of their specialty pizzas) and It freakin KIIIILED. The sauce was some type of roasted tomato salsa and it was piled with el pastor action. The crust kinda blew but it was like eating a real badass queso-dilla on flat bread as opposed to a tortilla. I will admit to it having some bastard food like qualities, buuut it was 7.50 for the largest el pastor taco...e thing I have ever had Pure-cheap-ass kickery. Total drunk food . Loved it